The Günnis

The Günnis finally got their own page, I’m introducing my little knitted friends one by one. At the end of the page you can find a little how-to, if you want to make one yourself.

First in line is Eco-Günni, a friendly little guy who’s interested in the protection of the environment and loves turtles. He’s green throughout. Lives in Berlin, Germany.

Next we have Pankratz from Hamburg, Germany. Even if he doesn’t look like it, he’s a well behaved young man.

This is the Elk family from Montana/USA. The family consists of Black Elk, his wife White Deer and their offspring, Little Elk. The picture was taken at the 1st International Günni Meeting, and they were still suffering a little from jet lag.

Here we’ve got Jonas Aqvataq and his son Zachariah from Illulissat/Greenland. Don’t they look great in their white sealskin suits with rims of polar fox fur?

The first secretary among the superheroes: SuperSec. Problems at the office? – Call SuperSec. Her red pencil shows no mercy.

May I introduce: Sven the waste collector. He’s a little shy. Because of the rough North German weather he’s wearing a nice woolen hat.

This is Karl-Heinz Güntersen, water lover. He never misses an opportunity to splash around. Knows all the songs related to his hobby.

SafeGünni – your expert for every occasion. No job too difficult. Appointments made from 2025 on.

Here we’ve got Gunther vom Poggendörpe (Gunther of  Frogtown), the noble knight, armed against everything that might happen.

This is the famous surgeon Prof. Dr. Günther Brinkmann. He sometimes forgets that a Sunday roast is not one of his patients.

He can’t be left out: Count Günter Dracula, a descendent of the well-known family, who’s keeping up the family tradition. In his velvet cape with shiny blue lining he’s perfectly dressed for his profession.

Life in the valley is quiet and peaceful. Neander spends his time hunting and making useful things, like spears, arrows, and stone tools.

Mesdames et messieurs, say hello to Monsieur Maurice, who has just arrived here from France. He brought a little snack because he’s not too fond of German white bread. Let’s hope his new friends are not too fond of French baguette.

It was a little hard to get a good shot of Dennis, he wouldn’t hold still – but finally I managed.

If you always wanted to know who’s responsible for all this little guys – Jule aka SuperKnitter, of course. Maker of the – not quite yet – legendary DaveyDolls.


Knitting instructions (basic model)

A Günni is knitted like a sock on a set of  five dpns (no heel required). Normally, I use a gauge 3 mm needles and yarn (US 2.5/UK 11). As a rule of thumb I cast on 40 stitches, more if your yarn is thinner, less if thicker. The lower and upper parts of the body are approx. 9 cm/3 1/2″ high. Make the head 3 cm/1 1/8″ high, then knit 2 stitches together (k2tog) on each needle until you end up with 12 (8) stitches in total. Cast off and sew together (or graft). At the neck, pull in a string of yarn, stuff the head and gather, secure with a knot. Pull loose ends to the inside with a crochet hook. Sew the arms at both sides and stuff upper part. Sew legs and stuff lower part, then whipstitch together the lower end. Make hair with a crochet hook, stitch a face – your first Günni is done. Easy!