Embroidery – a summary

The recent entry about the found again embroidered flower pictures reminded me that there is more waiting.

This is one of several update posts that have been drafts for far too long. I’ll try to get them published as soon as I can. I’m still struggling to get the words that are in my mind down onto paper or screen.

Pot of flowers, tapestry stitch, made for Mum in 1999

Pot of tulips, cross stitch – originally intended for my former ‘Tulip Lover’ blog. I added the backstitching only recently, this will be used in some upcoming project (may take a while)

Connections, cross stitch, backstitching, now with some additional lines, to be used in a project I already have in mind

Behind the scenes

The behind the scenes work continues.

A basket with finished scarves I never washed and blocked or blogged about properly is being given the treatment, one at a time as blocking space is limited (my second Wingspan scarf shown above). Five washed, seven to go. Watch this space. 😉

Most of my precious home-recorded VHS tapes have made space for books. Some will go without being watched again, some will at least be partly watched and a small part will stay, as long as the hardware lasts. Not sure what I’ll do with the tapes then. You can’t even donate them, nobody wants them anymore. The best thing I found in the depths of the internet was glueing them together to make small pieces of furniture. Hm.

The craft inventory list and the list of possible projects are growing profusely and I’m looking into an abyss there. Again. 🙄 Still, I’ll put together some kits with the material needed for new projects which I’m planning to start next year.

But before that the UFO Lottery will have my attention until the end of the year. A couple of projects will take some time to finish and some will only require little time and effort. These are the ones I’ll finish first so the list will become shorter, including things from the intended second round of draws (nos. 36 to 70, with a current total of 103 😀 ).


Status: fine

art quilt, detail

If you have missed me currently I just want to let you know I’m fine. I’m experiencing that strange thing again that I don’t find the words for new entries or comments.

But I have been working on lots of projects in the background. Two of the UFOs from the list are finished, there’s a new crochet alien on the way and I’m making excellent progress cross stitching the Garden Gate and Vintage Glassware projects. And a small art quilt is waiting for its binding.

The embroidery needles I ordered have arrived along with a new cross stitch kit, a small treat for beeing a good girl with my UFO finishing. The kit was a special offer, so I added it to my order, making good use of the postage & packing. 🙂

I’m working on the entries for all this stuff, hopefully being able to scrape together something soon.

Behind the scenes – July

Next week I haven’t got any appointments (yet …) so I have made a little list of projects I’m going to work on. But you know how funny life can be – wish me luck. 🙂

Currently I’m busy working on a couple of projects like the colour placement for the crochet Hexie blanket. It’s taking up most of the space of The Boudoir’s bedroom floor, so I’m stalking around like a stork over there. I’ve been sewing strips for Fiona’s Fall and joining a couple on Seams Crooked, as well as making some crochet parts for my first amigurumi doll and UL 8, preparing more reef residents, among others. The fabric strips from Kiel Week’s Spiellinie are washed and ironed. Plus some ideas for the UFO Lottery projects appeared. Hoping to have something to show at the beginning of August.


Reviving the UFO Lottery

not what it seems to be

A couple of days ago I felt a little stuck again. I couldn’t decide which one of my featured projects I should pick up. That’s when my old UFO Lottery idea popped up again. As I’m feeling a little better health wise I made a contract with myself: I’m going to revive the UFO Lottery.

but this 🙂

There were ten projects (out of twenty-seven) left in the original UFO Lottery, I’ve added another 25 tickets for a total of 35. Those went onto the top of the list, they’re the ones I want to finish the most. A lot of them only need a couple of hours work, some demand a little more time and attention. And there are still loads of other things that didn’t make it onto the list like test samples and the like. They might get a chance as well.

The first draw has taken place, the project is finished. More soon.

Opera imperfecta


Today I abandoned two more projects that were likely never to be finished.

The panel above is from a group project that never got finished because the group disbanded. The colours are arranged in the way of a sator square. I had planned to make a cushion from this machine-pieced panel with the other side made of nine smaller squares (English paper piecing) from the same fabrics. The panel is now ripped apart, I’ll keep the coaster-size squares for something else.

The other project never got past the planning stage. It was supposed to be made from all those leftover pieces from my different projects that I keep in a bucket.

Talking of those pieces, I just had an idea. 💡Added to next year’s list of new projects. 🙂


The TARDIS Is Over There

Three of the pattern sheets and most of #4 are finished. Now it’s time to find out who the owner might be. Not too hard to guess with his stripy suit. 😉

And now for something completely different

You may have noticed I posted a little less recently and only left the occasional comment. It’s not that I haven’t got anything to write about. There are lots of ideas in my head, ready to be typed. I turn on the computer, open the new file and – POP! The words are gone like a bursting soap bubble and I’m staring at a blank screen. I turn off the computer, do something else and – POP! The text is back, ready to be typed. Same with comments.

Writing down two or three sentences is taking me ages.

I’m not sure where this comes from. Of course I have seen doctors about this and other health issues I have experienced recently. Without any reasonable result.

I’ll be having two weeks off work in June. There’s a new quilt exhibition at Tuch & Technik in Neumünster, an art project at the Geological Museum in Kiel by an artist I appreciate, and I’m also planning a trip down to Hamburg (Planten un Blomen, their botanical gardens). And an emergency (read: my kitchen) is calling for my attention. Plus thousands of other small things that have been neglected and need to be done.

So I have decided to take June and July off blogging. I will continue with my craft projects at a slightly slower pace and without the commitment of publishing. Nothing will get lost, though.

See you, Jule

Mallards And Mondrian – Finished

My slightly ill-fated project has finally come together. As you may remember, I got some of the blocks wrong and had to unsew them. Other mishaps followed but I managed to finish this piece regardless.

I found a leftover piece of batting that was exactly the right size, sandwiched the layers and used one of my sewing machine’s decorative stitches for quilting. The thread I used was Superior Threads Rainbows Col. 846 which was working great on all the different backgrounds.

Not a masterpiece in the end, but it’s off the list.


‘Patchwork Blocks’ Table Runner/Band

In their current SAL, Avis and Claire are stitching samplers of some blocks that remind me of a project I started years ago but never finished to date. I had to dig deep into the treasures of The Boudoir, but finally found it. So far, I’ve stitched nineteen blocks, which is half of the length of the band. One set contains eight blocks, I’ve done two repeats and the first three of the third one.

Maybe it’s something to finish after the beetles are complete – as there are only four of them, I need a new SAL project anyway. 😉

Butterflies – Stage 8 & Finish

Pararge aegeria tircis (male)

You may have noticed it was a little quiet around here and my other blogs lately. I was engaged in a serious battle against everything paper in my humble dwellings (not finished yet, but way better than before), went for a couple of photo walks on the weekends (got soaked last weekend – why does it always rain on weekends?), had some health issues getting in the way (hoping to get a satisfying answer tomorrow from my doc) and there was a death in the family (finally, after months of struggling), but I still managed to finish my Butterflies.

But before I show you how it turned out, here are the last five beauties.

Speckled Wood (Pararge aegeria tircis)

Gatekeeper, Hedge Brown (Pyronia tithonus)

White Admiral (Limenitis camilla)

Clouded Yellow (Colias croceus)

Purple Emperor (Apatura iris)

For the backing and binding I used some fabric from my stash. Not the one I was looking for and obviously didn’t have – a red one with butterflies. But I found another one I had totally forgotten about – a blue one with butterflies’ wings. At first I was a little reluctant to cut this one, but Hey! That’s what it’s made for!

backing and binding fabric

Washing and ironing out the dust and creases of at least 15 years, adding a leftover piece of thin batting/wadding and a thin border from the backing fabric – et voilá!

Erm – some of you who have a sharp eye may have noticed I miscounted my own pattern (top row, right). I only noticed after I had finished the Gatekeeper but neither had time nor did I feel like taking out the stitches and start again. Better luck next time. 😉

This was the last stage of my project in a SAL. I think Avis in England and Claire in France both have finished Cirque des Cercles, Gun from Sweden should have found a solution for her blue flowers while Kate from Australia has already completed her wedding sampler and has started a new project. Feel free to pop over!

I will now try to finish some of the projects from my list before the end of the year and there are still some WIPs waiting at the UFO Garage. This means my other cross stitch projects will have to wait until 2015. After all, I don’t own a Tardis. At least not a real one. Only this wonky little thing. 🙂