Wispy-waspy paper

wasp paper

As predicted, real life has got other plans for me this week. Yesterday morning a couple of workers put up a scaffold in front of my loggia for repair work. Quite a surprise because my landlord hadn’t informed me, although I knew this was coming.

One side of the loggia has a small compartment in which I store a table, flower pots and other stuff. I cleared this compartment today taking advantage of the nice weather (despite the forecast) as it has to be done before work will start, whenever this may be.

In a remote corner I found a wasp nest stuck to a pile of biodegradable pots. This one must have been there for a while because when I noticed they like this dry place I was taking care not to have them there. One year they had found a way from under the roof into my living room. Not funny.

The nest I found today was slightly smaller than a tennis ball. I thought of using the paper in a small collage but it was so brittle and delicate that it disintegrated at the slightest touch. But I  managed to get it off the pots and take a couple of pictures.