Vintage Glassware – UL 15

It’s finished! (click image for full size)

Stitched on black 16 ct Aida with Anchor and DMC threads, with added backstiching (not part of the original chart), reflections stitched in one strand of variegated thread and one in white
Design by Marie Barber from the April 2017 issue of Just Cross Stitch magazine

Beyond The Garden Gate – Update 3 … and more

Two more areas finished – the flowers and bushes in the center and the sky. Now there are only a couple of sunflowers and the backstitching to be done.

Aaaand … Goblet #12 is finished – I see a happy dance coming up, just a little outlining left. 🙂

For the record, here are goblets #10 and #11 –

Vintage Glassware – Update 5

Two more goblets finished (without the backstitiching) –

The whole picture so far –

I’m working on the next two, hoping to get them finished soon. Then it’s only one more left to do (my favorite) plus the backstitiching on the last five goblets.

Vintage Glassware – Update 4

Backstitching on the first seven goblets from page one is complete. Blending in well with the design and definitely worth the extra work, methinks.

This is how it looked without –

Now on to page two and the remaining five goblets.

It’s the small things

After deciding to add backstitching to this project I started with the first goblet this morning, making the colour choices as I went along.

Just a few stitches in, I knew it was exactly the right decision. Look at the swirly handles.


The first goblet is finished now, the backstitching is blending in, at the same time making quite a difference.

Next update after finishing the yellow one – this one will look quite different then.

Caution! Fragile!

my new palette – a few DMC threads, mostly Anchor and some Rico

This time I’m stitching a project so kitschy 😉 that it’s good again – Vintage Glassware, a design by Marie Barber from the April 2017 issue of Just Cross Stitch magazine.

Special effects:

  • replacing the suggested Caron Collection Waterlilies Hand-Dyed Variegated Silk Floss (047 lemon n lime) by some variegated DMC and Anchor floss from my stash
  • added backstitching

Project shenanigans:

  • using black 16 ct Aida
  • stitching from the original colour chart
  • without marking off

For the reflection I replaced the suggested Caron Waterlilies 047, using one strand of Anchor 2 and one strand of DMC 99. The original chart doesn’t have backstitching but as I think the contrast could be better in some places I’ll add some later.