Collected collage


Recently my sister asked me if I wanted to have one of her picture frames. She didn’t want it anymore and described the colour as something between lime and neon green, she wasn’t sure if it was plastic or wood, maybe it could be repainted. I took a look and discovered it still got the original artwork which turned out to be a small collage made of a broken solar panel. Cool. Mine.


As it was a wooden frame with mat paint it could be easily changed. First I applied a layer of black acrylic paint to which I added some texture with a sponge brush. After it had dried I mixed some light blue pearl acrylic with a dash of black and dabbed this onto the black paint in a slightly uneven way for a cloud-like effect. I had thought of adding some sparkling holographic foiling but I like it as it turned out and don’t want to spoil it.


Just for the record, this is how it looked like before. Improvement highly recommended. 😉