Playing With The Baddies – Finished

Here’s the next finished project. Just a simple one meant for testing and hopefully improving my machine sewing skills. 🙂 It keeps surprising me how well the fabrics fit together. I played with some batiks from the Pile of Uglies to make this one. The Pile of Uglies holds fabrics that I didn’t include into my stash because they didn’t fit in there or were difficult to use in a project. The Baddies, so to speak.

For the back I used a batik I had bought for another project – corals in green/yellow/orange.

Baddies – front and back

corner detail

‘Baddies’ Top Finished

After squaring the blocks a couple of days ago I finally joined them today to make a finished top.

I admit it’s not perfect, but my sewing gets a little better piece by piece. After all, I’m still a beginner at machine piecing and still have to learn a lot yet.

finished ‘Baddies’ top

Still have a little hand sewing to do before I’ll be starting to finish all of my projects. I’m glad I’m back in the business this year after about two years of very slow progress, if any at all. I feel confident I will have reached my goal of having finished my UFOs (or most of them) by the end of next year. Thanks again to everyone for your encouragement.

Playing With The Baddies – Again

I promised you I would not publish another top until Easter. Well, I was a good girl, kept away from my sewing machine most of the time, cleaned my place instead (OK, not totally voluntarily), finished knitting one of the scarves, basted the pieces of one of my secret projects and started doing the same on another. And I put up a new photoblog yesterday.

To reward myself for all this, and Easter being almost over (Easter Monday is a holiday in Germany), I thought I could risk a little sewing today and blog about it. After all, it’s not a finished top yet. 😉

Baddies – final layout

The 100 single blocks have now become 50 doubles, and as things go, when I pinned the doubles to make 25 four-square blocks, the last one didn’t fit.


It turned out I had stacked the last row of pairs upside down after pressing. Phew! Only five blocks to repin.

Playing With The Baddies

Yesterday I remembered some cuttings from the last Keepsake Quilting catalogue I recently saved. They had some stunning quilts made of batik fabrics. Of which I’ve got some. Two drawers full, to be exact. Plus the ‘Pile of Uglies’ and hard-to-use ones aka the ‘Baddie Bin’.

Today I wanted to play along with the baddies so I’ve decided to be a bad girl myself and start a new project. I need to improve my machine piecing skills, after all. So it’s all for a good cause.

It turned out that a lot of the fabrics went together quite well. I chose one of the KQ projects and began cutting four squares (10 x 10 cms/4 x 4 “) and four strips (3 x 10 cms/1 3/16 x 4 “) from each colour combination.

This is what I’ve got after the first round of cutting. I’m planning to do 100 blocks.