Linien & Punkte (Lines & Dots) – UL 18

Next ticket drawn from the UFO Lottery is a panel I had made years ago from an idea based on a graffiti design. I called this panel Linien & Punkte (Lines & Dots). Some of my old cushion covers are no longer looking as good as they used to do and are ready for replacement. Perfect.

Well, almost. The piece was rectangular and not square. So I added some soft cotton/polyester blue jean fabric (which is almost the same colour as the sofa it’s sitting on, not the bright blue as in the pictures). As I have currently misplaced my collection of zippers I made a hotel closure. Finished size 48 x 48 cms.


Approved by Dave the Muse (it was his idea, after all)

And it seems it has instantly become Alfred Kowalski’s new favorite spot 😉


Beyond The Garden Gate – UL 12

It’s washed and ironed and ready to post – Beyond The Garden Gate. 

I bought this kit many years ago together with a second one called Garden Gate.  The kit from The Craft Collection Ltd (75948) came with 14 ct white Aida and ample supplies of embroidery floss. The leftovers as well as what may be left from the second kit will go into a new project.

The UFO Lottery – First half done

I have just finished Beyond The Garden Gate – now it’s going to get washed and ironed. Here’s a little teaser –

I’m now almost halfway through the first round of my UFO Lottery with 15 finishes, 2 projects abandoned and 18 projects left to complete. The next ones are already drawn, I’m waiting for some inspiration.

Moose & Flechten – UL 17

This piece called Moose & Flechten (Moss & Lichen) is the next finish from the UFO Lottery. I started it around 2012 and left it unfinished with only little work still to be done. It took  me only two more afternoons to complete.

I used a lot of different fancy knitting yarns from my stash and a simple eyelet stitch on jute canvas (Hessian). This was just a little test panel, I’m planning to use this stitch in future projects.

Inspired by an article by Julia Caprara in Quilting Arts, #19 (Fall 2005), finished size 43 x 31 cms.

Vintage Glassware – UL 15

It’s finished! (click image for full size)

Stitched on black 16 ct Aida with Anchor and DMC threads, with added backstiching (not part of the original chart), reflections stitched in one strand of variegated thread and one in white
Design by Marie Barber from the April 2017 issue of Just Cross Stitch magazine

Sonnets – UL 16

While I’m still working (more or less) on Vintage Glassware and Beyond The Garden Gate I have already drawn the next two projects from the UFO Lottery box.

The first one is Sonnets. I had machine embroidered Mr. Shakespeare’s sonnets 27 (Weary with toil, I haste to my bed) and 61 (Is it thy will thy image should keep open) onto two pieces of decorators fabric. I got the fabric for free from an upholstery workshop some years ago, they were giving away some of their old sample books. It was a shame I could only carry one of them home because of their massive weight.

After a couple of days pondering on a possible project (a cushion cover?) I decided that the two panels are not going to be made into something now. They have found a place in the textile art materials box for some future project(s).

Citrus – UL 14

Next finished project in the UFO Lottery is Citrus.

I bought the fabrics together with a citrus print (below) but somehow it didn’t make it into the piece. There were several changes in the number of the blocks in one row and I ended up with seven in the short rows and eight in the long rows. I remember that I used up the light yellow fabric up to the last thread. Finished size is 65 x 78 cms. – A similar piece made only from the darker fabrics is Propeller, a piece from my first UFO Lottery list.

The Blind Spot (aka Seams Crooked) – UL 13

For the last three weeks I have been working on a couple of projects. Among others, I finished two more projects from the UFO Lottery. Here’s the first one, renamed The Blind Spot, formerly known as Seams Crooked (for a reason 😉 ).

After a first attempt to sew this together by machine I switched to EPP. I used a cotton fabric with  a soft overprint, cut it up and put it together again alternating the directions of the print and the colour gradation. As the contrast in the center is not as strong I renamed the piece The Blind Spot. Finished size is 56 x 56 cms, the squares are 1.7 cms/0.5 ” tall.

detail shot, showing overprint as well as the machine pieced crooked seams

Beyond The Garden Gate – Update 2

The wall and sunflower sections are finished with the backstitching still to happen –

That’s where I’m now –

I’ve already started the next part which is the flowers and greenery above the path in the center which will then be followed by the sky above it.