All nice and clean

Cityscapes #3, from my blog  jule b. – art lab

As I mentioned before, I have imported all of my stuff from my former blogs From The Boudoir and The UFO Garage & Fabric Depot.

This meant reading and editing 360 + entries, checking the links and – most of all – deleting every single picture and replacing them. Some of them got lost in the export/import business, some apperared in the wrong places. It’s done now and everythings’s nice and clean.

Apologies to those who follow my blog via email – you had to suffer a little. But you can now take a deep breath – it’s over.

There are still a couple of project pages left to clean up, but I’ll do that later as Kiel Week is starting next Friday and it’s time again for some ‘Shots of the day’ – I’ll try my best.

… aaand cut!

eimerAlmost ten liters (or two and a half gallons) of what remained after deconstructing a pile of old shirts and blouses over the weekend. The parts are now ironed and back in their drawer with some spare room left. Now it’s time for a couple of jeans to be cut apart.

Currently I’m in the middle of some research for new sewing projects which I’m planning to start in 2017. Some ideas are beginning to take shape but the projects will be different from what I’ve been making so far. Still working on a post about that.

Apart from that I cleared some more of my ring binders, binned lots of old clippings and kept a couple of pictures for inspiration. The paper templates from the abandoned project are peeled off the cut fabric pieces and have also been binned. The fabric pieces will go into a new project.


Skeletons in the closet

wolle01Yesterday I spontaneously decided to sort my yarn stash. I emptied two shelves in the wardrobe and collected everything that was stored on top of it. The layer of dust that had gathered there was quite impressive. I don’t get up there very often, I don’t like to climb a ladder.

After gathering all the yarn bags from the bottom of the wardrobe and digging out the yarn collection from underneath the heater I looked into the abyss.

I didn’t count my treasure. But I bet that if I used up only one ball per day I’d be still knitting or crocheting in one year’s time.

I spent all afternoon sorting the yarns, winding floppy skeins into balls, putting everything into clear plastic bags so I can see what I have and stashed them away. You guessed it, there was more yarn appearing in the small storage room just after I had finished. This morning I found a plastic bucket with still more balls in it.

After everything was in its place I decided to tackle the desk with the craft supplies in it. Sorted, but it took me until the late afternoon. Next on the list: sorting The Boudoir’s fabric stash.

But before I do that I need to tidy up the cupboards. I’ve got lots of things I don’t need anymore. And the space that will become vacant will be more than welcome.



The Boudoir

Imagine my bedroom. Filled with lots of boxes and bags with ‘useless stuff’ in it. And a cabinet 5 ft wide and 4 ft high full of fabrics. Some fabric piles are on the floor as well. A minor disaster area.

Or a paradise for someone creative.

For various reasons, my creativity had taken two years off. It’s now back on duty and wants to play with all this ‘useless stuff’.

I’m not selling my pieces. But why should I be the only person admiring them? So I thought it would be a good idea to share them. As I get my ideas from everyone and everywhere maybe I can give back some ideas for your own work in return.

As I have got some other things on my list as well, posting on this spot (Edit: my former blog From The Boudoir) might not be too busy in the near future. But I’ll do my best.

See you soon.