How Do You Store Your Inspiration?

I’ve currently taken a break in crafting because I suddenly felt that I had to do what I should have done years ago. Go through the tons of everything in my place that’s made of paper – my personal papers, my collection of press clippings (which I already halved two years ago) and most of all, loads of little scraps of inspiration.

Getting my inspiration from everywhere and everything, the question is how to store this ‘everything’.

I admire people who are able to put everything away in scrapbooks. I love scrapbooks. The only problem is I’m afraid of keeping one (or more) myself. Sticking these little scraps onto the pages with a dab of glue feels so final. They will remain there while I love to rearrange things. It’s hard for me not to think about it and just do it.

How do keep your inspiration? Do you have a scrapbook, a project folder or do you prefer a shoebox?

What I Did On My Holidays

‘Ripples’ scarf (WIP)

Not as much as I had planned to do, to be honest. Knitting, crochet, canvaswork, patchwork, cross stitch, some photography in town for my revised German photo blog. Some cleaning up but still a lot left. Oh, and I also had two appointments at Martin the Dentist’s.

As you may already have noticed, I’ve changed the widgets in the sidebars. On the left hand side there will be a picture of my current lunchtime break project as I’ll be taking projects along to work. Also, a long list of my ongoing projects has now found a home in the left hand sidebar. As you can see, the first one has already been finished. I will be adding more projects because every time I open a drawer or cupboard, I find something else. The list doesn’t include the patchwork UFOs, as they have their own space (or Garage).

‘Strawberry & Cream’ scarf (WIP)

In the right hand sidebar, I have taken away the links widget. But I’ve added a whole links page to the pages menu on the left, to which I will make further additions later.

Some of you may already have discovered the ‘Gallery’ pages. As Jule’s Olde Arte Blogge will close on Dec 31, 2013, I have added some pictures from over there – the ‘Günnis’ and the ‘DaveyDolls’ have their own respective pages as well as my cross stitch portraits on the ‘DTXS/DWXS’ page. A ‘Corals’ gallery page is also on it’s way and will appear soon. Click onto the pictures to see them in their full size.

DWXS3 after 12 days of stitching

I’m still working on my little universe of blogs as I’m not one hundred percent happy yet about it. I’m also not happy with how things go at WP now. They’ve retired lots of nice and colourful free themes and most of the new ones are now premium themes. Looking at the themes showcase, it becomes more and more uniform. The reader is still a mess.

But there’s someone who is happy nonetheless: Dave the Muse. I gave him back a place where he can blog about his experiences with all of the stuff he finds at The Boudoir. Except the textile things – they will remain here. Together we will be having fun at Dave’s Playground (Edit: blog deleted). Come and join us there!

‘Caterpillar’ scarf (WIP)

Sorry For The Inconveniences

I’m a collector. I collect any kind of stuff. I have given up hunting, though. There’s no need to. Because stuff finds me. Without fail.

My collections include beads, buttons, fabrics, found objects, laces, threads, yarns, zippers. Apart from books, CDs, DVDs, records (yes, I’ve still got them). And all kinds of other stuff.

Bur now I’m clearly in need to reorganize The Boudoir. Even Dave has been complaining. ‘How am I going to I find inspiration if I can’t find anything? When are you going to clean up this mess? All that dust makes me cough. Look, I have written my name into it.’

And he’s definitely right. Lately The Boudoir has been in the state of a slight mess (read: looks like there has been an explosion of some kind). Problem is: my place is filled up to the roof (well, that’s actually where I live – third floor, top deck).

Next problem: I tend to put new things or something that I’ve just been using onto the next pile that doesn’t already threaten to collapse. Meaning that each of the piles contains something of everything. I’m good at making piles. (nods)

To make it worse, I’m working full time, so I have only about a maximum of two hours per day to get something done. And – to sort things I would at least need some cleared space to begin with. Tricky.

For this reason, I will take a break from blogging on From The Boudoir during the next few weeks. As everyone else too seem to have gone into hibernation, there won’t be much damage done anyway. In fact, under these weather conditions it seems to be the most sensible thing to do.

Maybe there will be the odd post, though. Some drafts have already made their way onto my computer’s hard drive.

Regular services will be resumed as soon as possible, as they say.

Wish me luck, faithful reader.

Support Your Local Dentist

© Martin the dentist

Today I had an appointment at my dentist’s. I had been looking forward to this for quite a while because it was a special treat. Or treatment, if you like. A root canal treatment. Not that I had been having any problems with the tooth in question. Not at all. There was just a ‘shadow’ on the X-ray which ‘demanded further action’. According to the expert whom I had to see because of an application to get dental crowns, that is. My health insurance also proved very generous. Instead of seven crowns they wanted to give me eleven. Yes, you’ve got that right. More. Maybe they thought because I had hardly needed their service during the last 30 years I was entitled to this little bonus. But only in exchange for the root canal treatment and the removal of my last wisdom tooth*, they insisted. Both of which have got nothing to do with the crowns, just for the record.

Anyway, there I was after a day of really exciting work (read: madhouse – my boss’ last working day before he went on holiday). This was my second helping already. The week before my dentist decided to do three inlays. I left the place being almost a kilo heavier than before.

For today, I had expected the following scenario:

I am lying on my back like a giant turtle (and almost as helpless), waiting for the anesthetic to work its wonders and the fun to start.

My dentist has a picture of a summer sky and meadow stuck to the ceiling to distract the poor victim. As I had taken my glasses off for the treatment, all I could see of it was a rather blurred blue shape. Not very entertaining. Why not use the time for making plans about some of my unfinished projects, then? Unfortunately, lying on the chair didn’t really stimulate my creative juices. Dave was nowhere to be found, either. Afraid of the dentist?

Four hours later. The anesthetic’s still working. If I’m lucky, it’ll be gone by next morning. In the meantime, I’ve already tried to eat something. Carefully, of course. A little glass of babies’ pear mousse (from 4 months of age onwards – yes, I can have it as I’m slightly older). Drinking was tricky, as you can imagine.

But no such things. No anesthetic, because the nerve was already dead. Just the sound of the drilling (not the high pitched one, but the big machinery). It was all over in just ten minutes. Including the replacement of an inlay I lost this morning.

Now it’s only a couple more appointments until the final inlay will be in its place.

No suffering. How utterly disappointing.

I had the pear mousse, though.

*Doesn’t sound good? I’ll spare you the details but it’ll be like ‘Oh, Martin, thou hast cleft my tooth in twain’ should it finally happen. No, wait – that was Hamlet with his dear mums’ heart. Sorry. Still somewhat confused.