Exhibition – Häkellabor (Crochet Lab)

Two weeks ago I went to see another exhibition at the textile museum Tuch & Technik in Neumünster which was called Häkellabor (crochet lab). They were showing crocheted ‘soft sculptures’ by Katharina Krenkel. Unfortunately, taking pictures was a little challenging and I didn’t get exactly what I wanted. In some cases, I simply forgot to make notes about the titles of the works. Anyway, here are some of the shots.


Ordnung  (Order)

S. O. S. – Save Our Souls

Other works

If you’re interested, you can find some other pictures I took of their regular exhibition on the local textile industry on my photo blog The Pocketcamerade – click the TT Thursday category. (Edit: The blog is no longer public.)


Dream Catchers


My hometown, Kiel, Germany, is celebrating Kieler Woche (Kiel Week) every last complete week in June. Learn more about it here.

The special program for children on Spiellinie (Krusenkoppel) has a new motto every year. There are concerts and storytellers, a mud pool, craft projects, fabric dyeing, weaving and building things from wooden boards. This year’s motto is “Die Kinder des Manitu” (Children of Manitou). In other words, they’re playing Red Indians (without cowboys) – building buffalo from chicken wire and straw, hammering together wooden teepees, painting a wooden wall or weaving dream catchers.

I took some pictures on Saturday and more on Sunday and have put together a litte gallery of my shots for you. Do I need to mention that I’m inspired again? 🙂

The Pyramids Of The Boudoir/Knotweed

Just finished the small sample piece Pyramids I’ve already posted about here. For the binding I used the same fabrics as for Protection. The backing is made of a fabric sample I bought a while ago. This was the one from the set I did like the least but I think it’s looking not bad at all with this project.

Pyramids, back

Also finished the top for Knotweed of which you can read more here. Maybe I’ll try some machine quilting if there’s a matching piece of batting in my stash.

Knotweed, finished top