Teddy’s New Sweater

Look! My new sweater and trousers

Yesterday I finally finished Teddy’s sweater. Another project off the list.

A while ago I had to repair his mouth which had begun to fray. As I couldn’t anaesthetise him, he had to promise me not to bite my finger if it hurt. In turn, he could make a wish. He decided upon a sweater because his old one wasn’t that pretty anymore. On top he put a visit to the Botanical Gardens and watching TV all night. And he managed to talk me into making a pair of trousers as well. I never can resist my teddy’s looks. That little rascal. 🙂

Blanket Week

Teddy proudly presents his finished Ten Stitch blanket (Yes, I do have patchwork covers – a gift)

Jule proudly presents the first five finished rows of the Rainbow blanket (looks better than expected, although I had to work out the pattern again on the even rows)

Pauli will at some time in the future proudly present his Ripple blanket (I frogged the beginning of the knitted project and am now crocheting)