‘Patchwork Blocks’ decorative table band

When I made my wips/ufos list recently I also came across an old and unfinished project. I was given the band many years ago and started to cross stitch some blocks from a crafts magazine in all of the colours of the rainbow.

There are eight blocks in each set, I had finished two repeats and the first five blocks of the third one which left me with only three more to go. As I was keen to start a new project I forced myself to finish this one first – and here it is.


There’s some band left because my table isn’t that long. I think I’ve got some pattern somewhere… 😉

So much for the October finishes, I’m off now to have fun with my November list.

‘Patchwork Blocks’ Table Runner/Band

In their current SAL, Avis and Claire are stitching samplers of some blocks that remind me of a project I started years ago but never finished to date. I had to dig deep into the treasures of The Boudoir, but finally found it. So far, I’ve stitched nineteen blocks, which is half of the length of the band. One set contains eight blocks, I’ve done two repeats and the first three of the third one.

Maybe it’s something to finish after the beetles are complete – as there are only four of them, I need a new SAL project anyway. 😉