A surprise

Look what the postie brought me – Christmas greetings from Claire in France. Thank you 🙂

I don’t have a Christmas tree but my sister always gives me a nice birthday bouquet which I decorate during the advent season.

A surprise

Look what the postie brought! A Christmas ornament from Claire in France in my favorite colour. Thank you very much, Claire! ❀

A Scent Of Lavender

Look what the postie brought – one of Claire‘s little surprises, an un-birthday present in January. It’s one of her little lavender sachets. Thank you! 🙂

And, also made by Claire – sorry, somehow I forgot to post this – a heart-shaped tree ornament which made it onto a seasonal bouquet for lack of a tree.


Dora the little witch

This is Dora the little witch with her pet spider Charlie.

Charlie is a real veteran spider. During the course of his life he has already lost two of his eight legs under unknown circumstances. After the old witch whom he belonged to had died, Dora became his new owner. She was glad that she had found a free pet and he was glad he found a new home. Charlie has already saved her from harm more than once while she was brewing her potions, fetching for the wrong ingredients.

Dora, you see, is slightly chaotic and permanently absent-minded. She loves colourful clothes, they can never be too bright. She has long since given up trying to make her hair into an orderly hairdo, not even magic is working.

And what about Conrad the talking pumpkin? Well, one wrong vowel in one of Dora’s spells and Conny developed his new skills.

I found this pattern (a design by Lois Winston) in the Halloween special edition of Just Cross Stitch and named her Dora. Threads come from my stash and aren’t the original colours. Dora will soon be on her way to my pen pal Uli. She doesn’t read this blog so I can post without spoiling the surprise.

An Early Present

Look what arrived in the mail yesterday. My penpal Uli has sent another big, soft and mysterious envelope like she always does at this time of the year. A handmade card, a purse with a secret compartment and a pin cushion were inside.

Although, I don’t think I could push pins into this little chap’s back – don’t want to hurt him. I think I’ll call him Speedy for arriving so early before Christmas (despite travelling with Deutsche Post 😉 ).

It’s done!

I’ve finished the ‘Cocktail’ scarf!

Oh, eh, sorry. – Hi, Dave the Muse here.

Finally, I managed to finish the scarf project I told you about.

I only had to weave in the ends with a crochet hook.

It’s ready to be given to Ms J – I even found a leftover piece of gift wrap. Then I made a little label and wrapped the present.

I think I’ll give the knitting needles to her, too. If I should need them again, I could always borrow them.

Now I’m going to surprise Ms J.



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Oh! Hi! It’s you. How long have you been watching me?

Sorry, I didn’t notice you because I was too busy knitting.

I’ve already told you about this kit I found underneath the living room table. You can knit a fancy scarf from this one. Two meters long, garter stitch. Now there was an opportunity to get my hands on it and start making the scarf. My assistant is really busy at the moment and she won’t notice that the kit is no longer where she put it.

I’ll then give her the finished scarf as a surprise present. That’s the reason why I’m sitting here knitting.

Um, I’m sorry, but I’ve got to go on now. There’s still a little work to be done.

See you


Re-organizing The Boudoir

We left The Boudoir in a state of being ‘slightly unorganized’. After Dave had been complaining, I had to do some cleaning up.

It’s now a couple of weeks later. I have taken half of the things out of The Boudoir now and spread them all across the rest of my little flat wherever there was a little space left. My vacuum cleaner is working overtime. Because of all that dust I had to wipe my glasses repeatedly. I’m taking a little break now. The new quilting magazine has just arrived.

But I feel slightly distracted. There are strange noises coming from the direction of The Boudoir.


(noises continue, sounding like someone is opening and closing drawers and boxes, searching through plastic bags etc., mumbling to himself)

What is going on there? I’m going to take a look. (walks over to The Boudoir)

Oh no.

– Hi! –
What are you doing there?
– I’m looking for inspiration. –
If I’m not totally wrong, you have found some already. –
– (he purrs happily) –

As it says on the tin: textile surprises from the bedroom. And what a textile surprise he is.

My muse is using the knitted image of himself as an actual body. What a little knave! I knew he was into something when he asked me to knit him.

A cheerful and fizzy knitting pleasure

Hi, it’s Dave again!

Look what I found underneath the living room table. I gave this strange thing a closer examination. As it turned out, it was a kit for making a scarf.

According to the label, it’s a ‘cheerful and fizzy knitting pleasure’. You only need to cast on 18 stitches, then knit 2 meters of scarf using garter stitch. Easy-peasy.

So I thought, what if I hijacked this and knit the scarf myself? I’m sure my assistant won’t notice the missing kit, she’s always too busy with all the other things I make her do. Gotta help her a wee bit.

See you