Fixed! Friday 41

Welcome to this part of Fixed! Friday.

This is the last regular post in this series. Not that I have run out of things. But my other stuff isn’t so exciting to post about. I will put together some specials for you to appear until the end of the year, though. Let’s see what I find in the archives. 🙂


I always wanted to make this project from The Quilt Patch by Leslie Anne Pfeifer (Vermont Star Party pattern). But it took quite a while before I dared to begin this one which has very narrow points to sew. I used thin batik fabrics which made sewing a little easier.

Made between July 2004 and May 2005, 75 x 120 cms, 510 pieces

Fixed! Friday 15

Welcome to today’s Fixed! Friday.

Finally found my folder containing the scans of various projects again which I mysteriously saved under ‘photos/patchwork’ on my computer’s harddrive just a couple of days ago. Too obvious to search for it there in the first place. Or maybe I’m getting old. Or confused.

Music today is David Campbell’s The Swing Sessions 2. Yesterday I found a video on Youtube of him interviewing not one, not two, but three Doctors Who on Australian tv. Double fangirl heaven!

Without further ado, here’s

Sternenhaufen (Star Cluster)

A pattern from the special edition Sterne (Stars) published by the German Patchwork Guild in December 2001. And old Islamic pattern often used in stone inlay work (intarsia).

Original pattern

Made from cottons and cotton satin, partly hand-dyed, between June 2003 and October 2004. Measuring 55 x 55 cms and consisting of 425 pieces, it took me 54’45 hours to sew.


Next week on Fixed! Friday: 9 x13