Scarves by the baker’s dozen (13) – 504 King West (UL 22)

Two birds with one stone – a finished triangular scarf from the UFO Lottery’s second round. This is the last scarf I’m bothering you with. 🙂

Knit with 3 mm needles following a pattern I found on Ravelry, great for using up those leftover yarns from other projects. This one was almost finished except for the pistacchio border. I wanted to use a contrasting yarn but didn’t have anything in my stash I could use. Until I knit the socks for my sister.

Very bad lighting conditions yesterday noon, so I had to use a flash. Blue wooden hanger hand painted by me.

Yarns used:
– Lang Jawoll Magic Superwash in red/orange/rust (#84.0063), 25 grams
– Pro Lana Meine Wolle Pro Socks Smaragd in cream/beige/gray (#161), 49 grams (I doubt if it was the proper band the ball came with – ‘Smaragd’ meaning ’emerald’ in English)
– H&W Comfort Sockenwolle uni in pistacchio green (#203.128), a scrap


Scarves by the dozen (12) – Wedges

The Wedges scarf was knit for my former Low German blog and came together with my original pattern. Unfortunately I haven’t had the time to translate it into English yet. For the last ten days there has been a little problem that required my attention (read: recurrent flooding of the basement, I’m glad it was only the drain 💧and not the sewers 💩).

Yarn is Red Heart Sport Socks Color (#00001) in beige and Gründl Hot Socks Country (#35) in blue and green, 100 grams each, 2.5 mm needles.

Scarves by the dozen (7) – Times Square

Times Square was knit using this pattern by Nicole Nehrig (Ravelry free download) as a guide with two balls of Gründl Hot Socks New York (#86), alternating after two rows.

Detail shots of front (left) and back (right)

I do admit I don’t like the result as much as I thought I would. My first test sample with the yarns I later used in the Caterpillar scarf was more promising. Maybe because the sample was knit in the round which gives a slightly different result.

This is one of the balls I used. The red looks a little like tomato in the shot but it’s actually more a cherry red (see first picture above).

The leftovers went into a ripple blanket for my little friend Pauli ❤️

Scarves by the dozen (6) – Ripple Scarf

This is my version of the free Neat Ripple pattern. Great for using up all those scraps from other projects.

Yarns used:
Red Heart Sport Socks Color (#00001) in every beige ripple, coloured yarns from bottom to top are Lana Grossa Meilenweit Joy (#2407), Schoeller + Stahl Fortissima Socka Mexico Color (#9044), Tutto Wolfgang Zwerger Opal Graffiti (#5225) and Regia Astro Color Stier (Taurus) (#06654). 140 grams total, 2 mm hook

Before blocking, there were ripples in every direction.

Scarves by the dozen (5) – Caterpillar

Next in the series is my Caterpillar loop scarf, knit by alternating six rows of knit/purl with six rows of purl/knit and two contrasting colours. I’ve joined both ends to make a loop. In the picture, the scarf is folded in half.

The scarf can be worn from both sides, either with the gray purl rows to the front, like this

or the coloured purl rows to the front, like this

Before blocking, it looked a little like caterpillars to me, hence the name.

The coloured yarn is Lana Grossa Meilenweit ‘Rocky’ (#3112) and the gray one is Gründl Hot Socks ‘Casablanca’ (#54), 60 grams each, needles 2.5 mm.

I’ve noticed this series has become a little like an Advent calendar with a new door opening each day. 🙂 So, why not continue until Christmas? I’ve got twelve scarves, that’s half the rent, as we say in German. I’m sure I’ll find enough stuff to blog about to make it a proper number. 🎄

By the way, I’ve updated my UFO Lottery page and added projects 36 to 70 as I’ve already started working on some of them. A little cheating done, though, as I haven’t actually drawn them from the box of tickets. 😇

Scarves by the dozen (2) – Spectra

slightly more than two layers of scarf

Finished in April 2015, I just had to weave in the ends and wash & block my version of Stephen West’s Spectra scarf which alas isn’t a free one.

But with the help of a detailed photo I found in the depths of the net it wasn’t too hard to figure out the pattern. 😉

I used Lana Grossa Meilenweit Grigio in grey/green (7206) and Lang Jawoll Magic Superwash in orange/rust (84.0063), both are 75 % New/Virgin Wool and 25 % Polyamide/Nylon.

Ah, those colours!

before blocking

Scarves by the dozen (1) – Mangoes In Slices

My second Wingspan scarf in three colours. I used Lang Jawoll Magic Superwash (#84.0005, #84.0028 and #84.0011), 200 grams total, needle size 2.5 mm.

Knit in 2012, the pattern came as a free download then. When I searched on Ravelry for the link I noticed they charge for the pattern now (it can be found here). Look at the different results you get by using different yarns or tweaking the pattern – amazing!

It’s looking a little more complicated than it is – just short rows with a wrap & turn.