Any colour will do

My sister recently mentioned that she wouldn’t mind me to make another pair of bed socks for her, any colour would do. Luckily, the craft shop had ‘any colour’, so I bought two different balls and knit two pairs for her. I also made a custom label which I need to have printed yet.


Ten Stitch Twist Finished

Well, almost. I just need to weave in a couple of ends. 😉
It looks a lot more blue than it is in reality but as usual, it was hard to get the colours right in the picture. This one comes closer to the real thing –

This is my version of Franki Brown’s Ten Stitch Twist. The second one, to be exact. I frogged the first one because I didn’t like the colour scheme.

I used a couple of sock yarns from my stash, about 680 grams total. You can find some information on the yarns on the Ten Stitch Twist project page. The pattern also had an instruction for a tapered edge but I have to admit I didn’t get it (neither in English nor in German) so I simply bound off. My brain isn’t what it used to be these days. *sigh*

No Plans For 2016

First of all apologies for being a little absent from blogging and commenting recently.

A few things beyond my control kept me busy. And my day job is killing me. Not that I have too much to do, au contraire.  I’ve only got work to do for a small part of the day, which is horrible as I’m unable to do anything else during the time I wait for the next thing to do. Absolutely draining mentally and physically. I’m working on a solution.

But, back to the topic, no plans for 2016 doesn’t mean I don’t have any (in fact they kept multiplying for at least one year) but I’m not blogging about them because I failed last year in most parts, so I’m just letting things go easy this year. 🙂 I have chosen five main projects and created virtual project baskets instead of my old project list. I’ll work mainly on these projects, if one is finished another one will follow. Hope this works.

I’m also busy working behind the scenes of my blogs. Also, some surprise projects are on their way or in planning stage. All in good time.

But despite the distress in real life I still managed to finish some projects with a couple of them not blogged about. Maybe I can manage to slip in the odd post some time or another.

Last but not least I want to thank my followers and readers for just being there. You keep me going.


Hexies – Again

It’s been a little quiet around here lately. But I haven’t been idle. Among other things, I was working on the refinement of the knitted hexies – which didn’t prove successful in the end. So I frogged what I had and went looking for another pattern. I ended up with my volume of Brigitte häkeln from the 70s, tried the crochet hexies et voilá!

The hexies are about the same size as the knitted ones and also take the same time to make (fifteen minutes each), using a 2 mm hook. I’ll need at least 1,188 hexies if I stick to the planned size. Estimated time for delivery: early winter 2017.

Hexie Fever – 2

I didn’t rest and tried again to find a way to join the hexies knitwise. After a couple of attempts I found a solution. Still needs a little fine tuning, but it works.

Here’s how a hexie strip with a straight border might look like, it’s an early sample knit with only one yarn. Increases and decreases are on one side only.

Hexie Fever

Last weekend I have been experimenting with some of the leftover sock yarns from my first Ten Stitch Twist version. As I didn’t find a free hexie knitting pattern I worked out one by myself.

Even the smallest amounts of yarn go into this project. It takes me about fifteen minutes to knit a hexie. Another fun project for my lunch breaks.

Congratulations! It’s A …

… pair of socks.

My sister asked me recently if I could knit her a pair of socks if I had any sock yarn left after finishing the Ten Stitch Twist. She didn’t mind if it was any odd colour, the socks just had to warm her ever cold feet in bed at night.

I decided not to wait until the Twist got finished because that might be a while. The last in my new colour scheme would be a blue and grey yarn of which I had four balls. They came from two kits I bought as a special offer. Although they were of the same colour number and dye lot according to the labels, one set was darker than the other. I chose this darker one to make the socks, following the instructions that came with the kit as it was my first pair. They looked a bit odd after finishing, but I think that will change after they have been washed for the first time. At least they fit perfectly when worn. Finally I created a little fun label to hold them together.



I’ve frogged my Ten Stitch Twist. Somehow I didn’t like how it turned out.

There might be a second version in the future. This project is so much fun.