Silk patchwork un-quilt

This project was drawn from the UFO Lottery four years ago. I was planning to finish it using a dark blue piece of silk from my stash. Somehow I never got that far. Recently I was washing the turquoise flea market fabric I bought together with the box of embroidery floss in May. Something struck me – or was it someone in the shape of Dave the Muse? Anyway, I cut the border strips and the backing, sewed on the borders, sandwiched everything and used my favorite method of hemming for finishing. Yet properly unnamed, size is 62 x 92 cms.

UFO Lottery #16 – Silks, teal

Now that Crossed Colour Bars is finished it’s time for Dave the Muse to draw the next project from the little food container. And the winner is…


Seide, türkis (Silks, teal)

A stupid name for that project, I’m only regarding it as a working title for now and will think of something better.

I will fill up the top and bottom with black triangles. There was just enough fabric left to make them. But now I’ve got a problem. None of the local fabric stores are currently stocking that black silk I need for the back.

Make do with what I have, then. In this case a dark blue piece of silk from my stash that has just the right size.

Fixed! Friday 23

Welcome to the next part of Fixed! Friday.

Time flies. It’s my last day off work already, I’ll be back at the office on Monday. As usual, I probably will need an excavator to get through the wall of files that are piling up on my desk.

I’ve been busy mainly with cross stitching and did only a few stitches on my patchwork pieces, so no updates yet. Also spent two days at the local botanical gardens and came back with a lot of pictures (plus I had to type Teddy’s report for Jules Platt-Blog – in Low German, but with some cute pictures of my little lifelong friend and a slideshow).

Today’s choice:

Hoch gestapelt (Piled up high)

Hoch gestapelt (Piled up high)

The classic Baby Blocks pattern. My version comes in silks which were a bargain at the local IKEA’s. I bought the black silk for the front and back separately. No batting used as usual. When I looked at the finished piece, the blocks vaguely resembled the outline of the Bundesland (state) I live in. This was pure coincidence but gave me another idea for a possible future work. 🙂

detail shot

Made between April and October 2007. 70 x 89 cms, 291 pieces.

Next week on Fixed! Friday: O.T. (Gelbe Dreiecke) – Untitled (Yellow Triangles)