Zigzag Loop Scarf

Another appearance by George, my faithful scarf model. 🙂

This time he’s wearing my version of Beate Zäch’s Zickzackloop (zigzag loop scarf). I was given the pattern by a friend. Unfortunately, I can’t link to Ms Zäch’s pattern (in German) as her site is currently unavailable.

I loved making this so much – a second version is on its way, with a little twist. More about that when it’s finished.

ZickZack Scarf – a slow knitting project

Finally I’ve found a use for these two balls of sock wool after trying out something different. I’m knitting a couple of rows here and there, no need to finish it in a hurry. 🙂

This is a simple zigzag pattern by Christy Kamm, a free download from Ravelry. Available in different languages, too.

Scarves by the baker’s dozen (13) – 504 King West (UL 22)

Two birds with one stone – a finished triangular scarf from the UFO Lottery’s second round. This is the last scarf I’m bothering you with. 🙂

Knit with 3 mm needles following a pattern I found on Ravelry, great for using up those leftover yarns from other projects. This one was almost finished except for the pistacchio border. I wanted to use a contrasting yarn but didn’t have anything in my stash I could use. Until I knit the socks for my sister.

Very bad lighting conditions yesterday noon, so I had to use a flash. Blue wooden hanger hand painted by me.

Yarns used:
– Lang Jawoll Magic Superwash in red/orange/rust (#84.0063), 25 grams
– Pro Lana Meine Wolle Pro Socks Smaragd in cream/beige/gray (#161), 49 grams (I doubt if it was the proper band the ball came with – ‘Smaragd’ meaning ’emerald’ in English)
– H&W Comfort Sockenwolle uni in pistacchio green (#203.128), a scrap

Scarves by the dozen (12) – Wedges

The Wedges scarf was knit for my former Low German blog and came together with my original pattern. Unfortunately I haven’t had the time to translate it into English yet. For the last ten days there has been a little problem that required my attention (read: recurrent flooding of the basement, I’m glad it was only the drain đź’§and not the sewers đź’©).

Yarn is Red Heart Sport Socks Color (#00001) in beige and GrĂĽndl Hot Socks Country (#35) in blue and green, 100 grams each, 2.5 mm needles.

Scarves by the dozen (11) – Shaggy

Knit in garter stitch with 4.5 mm needles

Two different eyelash yarns (Brazilia) combined with two different acrylics – and a poor worker who had to knot several lengths of these yarns together for a 150 gram ball of Schachenmayr Brazilia Hip (#1459) – 60 % polyester, 28 % polyacrylic (microfiber), 12 % polyacrylic.

Scarves by the dozen (9) – Seafoam

The first time I tried a dropstitch pattern – unfortunately I have forgotten which one (this was made back in 2013). A quick search on Ravelry and nothing familiar showed up although they had various ‘Seafoam’ dropstitch scarves.

Yarn is GGH Goa (#101), 50 % cotton and 50 % polyacrylic, 250 grams, 5 mm needles.

A drop stitch pattern is made by yarning over several times according to the pattern before you knit a stitch and then you drop the yarn overs in the next row. Sounds frightening at first.

Scarves by the dozen (8) – Tube Scarf

Hello, my name is George. Some of you may remember me, I’ve been modelling for Jule before. This is her turquoise and orange Tube Scarf I’m wearing. It came in very handy because we had some snow today. And because it’s a tube I can stick my hands or feet into the ends to warm them.

Knit in the round on 3 mm dpns with Zentex Chic mit Glanz (#02) (56 % cotton/44 % viscose), 200 grams

Scarves by the dozen (7) – Times Square

Times Square was knit using this pattern by Nicole Nehrig (Ravelry free download) as a guide with two balls of GrĂĽndl Hot Socks New York (#86), alternating after two rows.

Detail shots of front (left) and back (right)

I do admit I don’t like the result as much as I thought I would. My first test sample with the yarns I later used in the Caterpillar scarf was more promising. Maybe because the sample was knit in the round which gives a slightly different result.

This is one of the balls I used. The red looks a little like tomato in the shot but it’s actually more a cherry red (see first picture above).

The leftovers went into a ripple blanket for my little friend Pauli ❤️

Scarves by the dozen (6) – Ripple Scarf

This is my version of the free Neat Ripple pattern. Great for using up all those scraps from other projects.

Yarns used:
Red Heart Sport Socks Color (#00001) in every beige ripple, coloured yarns from bottom to top are Lana Grossa Meilenweit Joy (#2407), Schoeller + Stahl Fortissima Socka Mexico Color (#9044), Tutto Wolfgang Zwerger Opal Graffiti (#5225) and Regia Astro Color Stier (Taurus) (#06654). 140 grams total, 2 mm hook

Before blocking, there were ripples in every direction.