I Hereby Declare Thee Finished

My version of Stephen West’s Spectra scarf, that is. After 105 pattern repeats I bound off. There was still some yarn left for three or four more, but I wanted this finished. Still unblocked, and I have to weave in the loose ends yet.


‘Spectra’ Scarf

Recently I had a little time to figure out the pattern for Stephen West’s Spectra Scarf, which isn’t a free pattern. But with the help of a detailed photo I found some time ago in the depths of the net it wasn’t too hard to work out. 😉

I’m using Meilenweit Grigio by Lana Grossa in grey/green (7206) and Jawoll Magic Superwash by Lang in orange/rust (84.0063), both are 75 % New/Virgin Wool and 25 % Polyamide/Nylon. This one will need a little blocking afterwards, I’m afraid. 🙂

My Current Projects

Some of my projects from the list  have already been finished. You may have noticed I didn’t blog about all of them – yet. I have been making a couple of scarves which I will introduce in an upcoming series of posts. There’s a new cross stitch project (still secret) and a new art quilt project.

As my German photoblog 54° 20′ N 10° 08′ W never appeared in the search results, I have created a new one called Kielgeholt (keelhauled) which has also got an English summary at the end of each entry. Both blogs show mainly detail shots from my photo walks. If you always wanted to know how a quite near-sighted girl sees her surroundings, just pop over. (Edit: I’ve closed it again.)

But I digress. Here are my current featured projects.

The ‘Strawberry & Cream’ scarf made in a knitted drop stitch pattern I designed inspired by another project.

The ‘Rainbow’ blanket – the blue part is finished and I’ve already started crocheting the purple part which is the last colour.

A new art quilt project. This is only an example of one of the blocks. The finished piece will look quite different.

What I Did On My Holidays

‘Ripples’ scarf (WIP)

Not as much as I had planned to do, to be honest. Knitting, crochet, canvaswork, patchwork, cross stitch, some photography in town for my revised German photo blog. Some cleaning up but still a lot left. Oh, and I also had two appointments at Martin the Dentist’s.

As you may already have noticed, I’ve changed the widgets in the sidebars. On the left hand side there will be a picture of my current lunchtime break project as I’ll be taking projects along to work. Also, a long list of my ongoing projects has now found a home in the left hand sidebar. As you can see, the first one has already been finished. I will be adding more projects because every time I open a drawer or cupboard, I find something else. The list doesn’t include the patchwork UFOs, as they have their own space (or Garage).

‘Strawberry & Cream’ scarf (WIP)

In the right hand sidebar, I have taken away the links widget. But I’ve added a whole links page to the pages menu on the left, to which I will make further additions later.

Some of you may already have discovered the ‘Gallery’ pages. As Jule’s Olde Arte Blogge will close on Dec 31, 2013, I have added some pictures from over there – the ‘Günnis’ and the ‘DaveyDolls’ have their own respective pages as well as my cross stitch portraits on the ‘DTXS/DWXS’ page. A ‘Corals’ gallery page is also on it’s way and will appear soon. Click onto the pictures to see them in their full size.

DWXS3 after 12 days of stitching

I’m still working on my little universe of blogs as I’m not one hundred percent happy yet about it. I’m also not happy with how things go at WP now. They’ve retired lots of nice and colourful free themes and most of the new ones are now premium themes. Looking at the themes showcase, it becomes more and more uniform. The reader is still a mess.

But there’s someone who is happy nonetheless: Dave the Muse. I gave him back a place where he can blog about his experiences with all of the stuff he finds at The Boudoir. Except the textile things – they will remain here. Together we will be having fun at Dave’s Playground (Edit: blog deleted). Come and join us there!

‘Caterpillar’ scarf (WIP)

It’s done!

I’ve finished the ‘Cocktail’ scarf!

Oh, eh, sorry. – Hi, Dave the Muse here.

Finally, I managed to finish the scarf project I told you about.

I only had to weave in the ends with a crochet hook.

It’s ready to be given to Ms J – I even found a leftover piece of gift wrap. Then I made a little label and wrapped the present.

I think I’ll give the knitting needles to her, too. If I should need them again, I could always borrow them.

Now I’m going to surprise Ms J.


Wool Fever And Kamikaze Pilots

Dave must have caught the knitting bug and is suffering from wool fever. I’ve got no other explanation for what’s going on currently. My place – meant to be cleaned up – is overflowing with new skeins of wool. I’m a regular at the local yarn store. Not that I want to go there. Something makes me. Or is it ‘someone’? (thoughtful look in Dave’s direction)

Two weeks ago on Friday I came home with six new skeins of sockwool. S-i-x. Apart from nine balls of a beautiful light blue-green yarn. The week before I had been knitting a scarf from a pattern I found on Ravelry. Now I’m in the middle of knitting the second one.

The strange thing about it is: I usually knit little more than the dolls I’m notorious for. Even stranger: I’m knitting on the bus on my way home.

I’m riding on the local #2 line between suburbs. This line is run by a taxi company. Their drivers obviously not only have got a licence to drive a bus. They’ve also got a licence to kill. They seem to have been trained as kamikaze pilots. So it’s a bit of a rough ride at times. Did I mention that on the bus the gears seem to be broken? Which makes the whole bus shake with every gear change. So knitting on the #2 can be tricky business. But I haven’t dropped one stitch yet from my circulars.

P.S. Just bought two new skeins of multicolured sockwool.