Fixed! Friday 36

Welcome to the next part of Fixed! Friday.

I finished two more blocks for Blue Tiles last weekend. I haven’t posted them because they look the same as the others, more or less. The next two are already laid out but I got distracted by some other stuff – paper collage, cross stitch, crochet. Hopefully, next weekend sees some work an Arnold’s Shirts. He has already asked about the progress.

Rising Sun

I’ve bought the fabrics during a holiday in Albuquerque, 1994. The shop sold a medley of 30 Quilter’s Quarters for 60 $. The fabrics are reprints from the 1930s which were printed after a quilt called ‘The Rising Sun’, owned by the Smithsonian Institution, and were issued in October 1994. That’s where my piece’s name came from. I don’t know what the original quilt looks like. The task was to use up the fabrics to the max. – The red quarters are symbolizing the rising sun, the blue ones are for the night.

Started 1995, finished September 1997, 150 x 150 cms, 900 pieces

Next week on Fixed! Friday: Cabin Lights