‘Blue Tiles’ Finished

Finally. I had done the hemming on three of the sides already, then got stuck. On Tuesday I took it with me to work on the last seam during my lunch break. I didn’t quite succeed but now it’s done.

I’m taking June and July off blogging as I need a little time for myself. Of course, I’ll be keeping up the work on my projects hoping I’ve got something to show you afterwards.

See you 🙂


UFO Lottery #12 – Blue Tiles

After getting up a little later than usual I spent all day sewing which I had been looking forward to all of last week. Mallards And Mondrian is almost finished now, I will tell you about it soon on The Boudoir. Also, the back for Blue Stripes came together almost miraculously so I asked Dave the Muse to draw the next project for the UFO Lottery.

He picked Blue Tiles.

I’ve already chosen the binding and backing fabric, so it’s only some cutting and sewing and shouldn’t take too long to finish.

This entry tells you how I got the pattern for Blue Tiles. 😉

‘Rainbow Kites’ Finished

The second finish this week! A very quiet day at the office made it possible. The boss is still away like everybody else and will be back only next Monday. I’ve got a little office work left but this will hardly take more than about half a day. I see some more sewing ahead. 😉

While sewing I had a little time to think about the remaining projects. I’ve already made a couple of decisions about the fabrics for some of them. Next weekend I need to go through my stash to find them, check if they are the right colour and size – and I will probably make a lot of surprise discoveries. About half of my stash is at least two decades old and I’ve forgotten about some of the newer ones as well. 😉

UFO Lottery #8 – Rainbow Kites

Next week I will lay the finishing touches on Japan, so it’s time for the next draw. The lucky winner is Regenbogendrachen (Rainbow Kites).

For this one I chose a pattern from my favorite book, Tilings And Patterns by Grünbaum/Shephard. Rows of kites are connected by rectangles. If you cut one of the rectangles diagonally, flip one piece and put the long sides together again you’ll get the kite shape. Just in case you feel the need to make your own templates. 😉

And of course I used my beloved batik fabrics. Some of them came from the Pile of Uglies. The pink and light blue one from a surprise medley was a real problem child of mine as I had absolutely no idea what kind of project to use it for. It turned out it fit into this one and I think it is perfectly connecting the colours next to it.

I didn’t create a standard rainbow but shifted the colours slightly. If I remember it correctly, it had something to do with the available amount of some of the fabrics. Although the space taken by the tiles is the same in square centimeters (18) the shape of the patches is different which affects cutting.

The border and backing fabrics will be a yellow batik I’ve already used in Wheels, the one with the dark spots I used in wheel XI. More (a finish?) next week. 🙂

Morris Dance Finished

And another one! Today I finished Morris Dance. The name was inspired by William Morris who designed the patterns of the prints I used in this project as well as a book by Charlotte McLeod (one of the ‘Boston’ series, I’ve forgotten the title) I had read a while before I started the piece.

Those of you who do not live in an area where Morris Dancing is practised can learn more about it here. Maybe I should add little bells? No, only joking. 🙂

The fabric I used for the binding and back – a pattern called ‘Single Stem’ – was originally bought for piecing the backside in the same way as the front. I finished the edges using a method known as ‘hemming’ by folding the seams to the inside and stitch them together using a stab stitch.

front and back, detail

UFO Lottery #6 – Morris Dance

A couple of years ago I bought some fabrics from Rose & Hubble’s William Morris Collection. Being a friend of Art Nouveau, I love his designs and was happy to find some fabrics for a future project. Find out more about William Morris here.

I designed different patterns using octagons and small rectangles and at the end chose this one with two different sizes of octagons. The original plan was to make two identical panels and sew them back to back. The second one would be in a more reddish colourway and the edge would have an irregular shape.

Well, I was too lazy to make the second one. And the sewing took quite some time, more than I expected. So a narrow border to a straight edge must do.

Sorry, the picture is a little blurry, but there will a better one very soon. 🙂



Sinus is finished at last!

This one caused a little trouble where I didn’t expect it. I had already bought the backing fabric a couple of months ago, but either I didn’t measure or calculate correctly or the fabric has shrunk during pre-washing. Anyway, it was about 2″ too narrow to use so I had to buy a new piece of fabric. I chose a cream one from the ‘Dimples’ collection.

I used some thin batting but decided this had to be secured against shoving because of the size of this project. For binding the piece I used the method known as hemming – place the top and back right sides out and fold the seams to the inside, then sew them together with a running stitch. But this wouldn’t hold the batting in place.

My idea was to use some machine stitching in some places, not proper machine quilting which I’ve never done before. My machine has a couple of built-in alphabet stitches. Why not write the title ‘Sinus’? So I made a sample which went well. As samples do. When it came to ‘quilting’ the sandwich this did not work as expected. After three ‘Sinuses’ I gave up and chose one of the decorative stitches instead (the one that came closest to a sinus wave) and stitched a couple of bars in various places. Do I need to mention I had to pick two of them out and try again? As I used matching thread colours, the slightly uneven stitching fortunately doesn’t stand out from the fabric.

I’ve turned the piece 90 degrees so the green sinus wave is now running across the bottom. I would have loved to have a green border from the same fabric used for the sinus wave but didn’t have enough left and couldn’t get a similar one. So I chose a matching brown instead.

(Sorry for posting this a little later – while making my afternoon coffee I spilled some water into the old filter, while taking it out of the coffee maker I spread some coffee meal onto the table and into the coffee maker, while cleaning it up I flooded the floor with some of the remaining water – twice.)

Here are some detail shots.

Stitch sample

Fabrics with white print patterns

The back side after taking out the templates

The sinus wave stitching in situ

A Quick Finish

Yesterday late in the evening I finished binding the brown/green strips thing. I have decided to turn it 90° because it reminds me of an abstract landscape. Also, I think it needs to have a proper name.

So, I hereby christen thee … Abstract Landscape.

Abstract Landscape

I had enough of the dark brown fabric left to make the binding strips. For the back I used the light green fabric (Moda) which was about the right size, too. While ironing it I discovered stains from darker fabrics – a little washing accident.

It’s a little wonky, but hey – it’s finished.

UFO Lottery – Strips (brown/green)

Although I intended to go shopping for a new backing fabric for Sinus on Monday I didn’t go because of the weather. It was near 0° C, windy and raining, so I didn’t want to spoil my day off and stayed at home. Which means I made some progress on my Wheels project. 🙂 Now I’ll have to wait until Friday to go fabric shopping because I do not work in town but in a neighboring community. The fabric shop in town closes at 6 pm, so I can’t get there on time. On Fridays I already leave work at 2 pm, so I will arrive on time even though I’m travelling by public transport as I haven’t got a car.

In the meantime I may even go on with my lottery – it might take a while to make plans about finishing the next winner. Let’s see which one my faithful assistant has picked this time.

Ah, a smaller piece this time! Thank you, Dave! (You’re welcome – Dave)

Streifen braun/grün (Strips brown/green)

I can’t exactly remember where this idea came from because one idea triggers at least two others. Maybe playing around with some brickwork patterns in my mind. I love these mottled fabrics. The shop had a vast collection, this time I went for browns and greens. Maybe I’m lucky and there’s enough fabric left for the backing and binding. No batting and no quilting for this one.

Oh, I remember now. A local painter had an exhibition at the library of the Institute of Global Economy a couple of years ago. I liked his stuff and tried to design some patterns inspired by his art. His name is safely hidden in one of my countless folders. Only if I’m very lucky I will find it again.

UFO Lottery – Sinus

Two sides of Protection have already got their binding sewn on, I think I’ll be able to finish it tomorrow. So I’ve thought about using the time I’m busy sewing for making plans about my next project. That would mean I need to convince Dave of drawing the next winner already. When I asked him he mumbled something like ‘I thought you’d never ask’. At least that’s what I thought I heard. 😉

Out comes the container again. Shake, shake, shake … he draws one …

And the winner is:

Again one of the taller pieces. But this time I don’t have to go hunting for backing fabric because I’ve bought it already about a year ago. I only have to remember where I put it. And find the right piece of batting/wadding which is also safely stowed somewhere.

This project was made from some jelly roll strips plus the green accent fabric from my stash. I would have loved the same green fabric for the border but there wasn’t enough of it left. So I went for something that matches the beige and light brown fabrics in this piece. The title Sinus comes from the smooth wavy pattern.

As I will be using some batting with this project I think I need to have to hold the layers together somehow. With a smaller piece I would usually rely on the binding holding it together, but this is about one square meter tall. Quilting is no option – this would call for hand quilting which I simply haven’t got the time to do. So I have to come up with something else, tying or beading perhaps.