Trip to Flensburg

For a little while I had been planning a trip up to Flensburg because of the quilt exhibition “… and went across the sea” by the MeerArt group at the maritime museum. As the exhibition is only running one more week, the time had come now. So I headed off Saturday morning. I’m ashamed I have to admit that I wasn’t able to get a train ticket from the vending machine so I had to buy one at the counter.

The train took me through Anglia, Swania and Wagria – where all the town names seem to end with -by or -up: Rieseby, Süderbrarup, Husby, Sörup – to Flensburg near the Danish border. I walked through the town center, from the shopping area to the harbour and to the Maritime Museum. Took some nice pictures.

I have added only a few detail photos of the quilts because of copyright. Alas, I wasn’t able to find a link to an English description of the exhibition.

(Edit: As this entry was imported from another blog, I had to rearrange the pictures. I chose  gallery format – hover over the pictures to see the descriptions.)