Today was a real good one. I managed to sew some strips for a project that had been on my design wall for quite a while now. It was a very relaxed sewing, I’ve never experienced that before and it made me really happy. After trimming and ironing the pieces I tried a couple of different designs but I’m not quite satisfied yet. Tonight I’ll try something else I have in mind.

A while ago I did the cutting and ironing for my first fabric bowl but never got around to the sewing bit because I felt a little intimidated by the finishing process. As my machine was out and threaded today I bit the bullet. After the first round of satin stitching I wasn’t too happy with the result but after the second round it looked a lot better. Just need to stitch around the rim for a second time tomorrow before I’ve got something to show to you.

Recently I’ve also finished a couple of other projects and will blog about them as soon as I find the time and words.

The pumpkin above is a design by Angela Pullen Atherton from the Halloween 2016 Special Collector’s issue of Just Cross Stitch. It will soon go to my German pen pal Uli. She doesn’t read this blog so it will remain a secret.