The Pyramids Of The Boudoir/Knotweed

Just finished the small sample piece Pyramids I’ve already posted about here. For the binding I used the same fabrics as for Protection. The backing is made of a fabric sample I bought a while ago. This was the one from the set I did like the least but I think it’s looking not bad at all with this project.

Pyramids, back

Also finished the top for Knotweed of which you can read more here. Maybe I’ll try some machine quilting if there’s a matching piece of batting in my stash.

Knotweed, finished top

Stashbusting – Fun With Folded Fabric Squares

Araucaria leaves

This has been on my agenda for quite a while. Some time ago I took some detail shots of an araucaria in the local botanical gardens. What I had in mind was a piece with folded fabric squares inspired by the layers of leaves. I have already chosen the fabrics.

But I need to gain some more practice in sewing with my machine – this is not a hand sewing project. So this morning I cut some 5 cms/2 ” squares from the leftover batiks from my ‘Baddies’ project and chose two others for the background, cutting them into 6 cms/2 3/8 ” wide strips.


From the squares I made prairie points, 55 in all.

Origami for beginners

I didn’t use them all, only 38 went into the piece.

The pyramids of The Boudoir

This is a good stashbuster, because a folded prairie point is made of four layers of fabric.

Well, this is just a humble sample. If you want to see real masterpieces, visit Ludmila Aristova’s site. She makes stunning pieces using various other techniques as well.