Stashbusting – Fun With Fancy Canvas

plastic canvas and #3 perle cotton

My regular readers know this already – Hoarder is my middle name. I’ve got tons of stuff. But once I’ve added things to my stash I don’t use them because I’m always thinking ‘No, you’re gonna need this for some other project’.

I must put an end to this or I’ll end up in some TV show serving as a tragic example of what can become of people who amass ‘things’ which others just call trash.

Recently I’ve been leafing through the internet in search of some blackwork inspirations for something I had in mind. Not only did I discover some nice patterns, but also a weak spot for canvaswork.

A while ago I had bought some plastic canvas, just in case. You never know when you might need it. And it was a bargain. As well as was the perle cotton from the same shop. I had bought this for some special project I was planning. Obviously, this plan got torpedoed. (I’m sure this is musework. My little friend Dave is sitting in his corner of the sofa looking innocent.)

After a couple of days sewing patchwork and doing some cross stitch, I needed a little change and started a new project. Yes, I know I shouldn’t. But I simply had to. Do you know this feeling?

Usually I’ve got everything planned beforehand but this time I haven’t got any idea yet how this one will end up as I’m designing as I go. Here’s my first pattern.

pattern #1