Wheels III and IX 2.0

In my last post I wrote about recycling the removed parts from some of the wheels.

The orange star ring from the former wheel IX has now found a new home in wheel III. I’ve made a new center ‘disk’ from some orange and yellow fabrics. Wheel III is sitting next to the teal one which is in the upper right hand corner, just above the second big wheel VIII. As my design board was almost covered by the project already, I took the finished part away and am now working my may from top down.

Wheel III

Wheels III and IV

Wheel IX 2.0 is also finished. I kept the pentagon ring as well as the oblong diamonds and cut some new fabrics to replace the center star (now in wheel XVIII) and the star ring which went into wheel III.

I’m still trying to find a colour placement solution for the remaining five wheels. After that, I will add the border patches which are still missing.

Wheel IX – 2.0

Wheel IX to be sewn in place


Wheels XVIII, IV and more

March wasn’t a good month for patchwork sewing, March was crochet month. 🙂 But now that we’re a couple of days into April, sewing is back on the agenda.

And it’s going well so far. Wheel XVIII is complete. Not too much work, because it’s only a small part of a whole wheel and I used some of the parts from the former center of wheel XI. I split the pentagon ring in two, reused the center star and cut a couple of new patches. It fit perfectly into the bottom right hand corner.


Wheel XVIII in place

My design wall is now almost covered with the wheels I made so far. I took the piece down to make room for the upper part of the project.

Wheel IV in the top right hand corner is also complete. I wanted to use turquoise fabrics but didn’t have the right ones in my stash (yes, I’m as surprised as you are) so I used teal ones (or sea-green, as I called them in one of my last posts).

Wheel IV

On the left next to it will be wheel III for which I will reuse the orange star ring from the former wheel IX. I’ve already cut the other patches.

I’ll keep the purple pentagon ring from the former wheel IX as well as the oblong center diamonds. For the rest of the patches I’ve already cut and basted new fabrics in purple. I’ve completed the center ‘disk’ already and need to piece the star ring now.

And the big yellow wheel XI has got a new center. This time I used orange for the pentagons, a little more yellow and a multi for the center star. Way better, methinks.

Wheel XI with new center

That leaves me with half of the pentagon ring and the green-ish center from this one to be recycled. Not bad so far. 🙂

Interlude – Havoc

Disassembling, unsewing, unpicking, ripping – more or less friendly words for what I’m about to do. In my last post I mentioned that I was thinking of redoing some bits. I’ve now made my decisions.

This is what I have now. I don’t like the center of the big yellow wheel XI and also I’m not happy with the colour choice of the orange/purple wheel IX. So off they go!

Do not fear! All will be fine! I’ve already cut the new center pieces for the big wheel. But before the repair work I’ll have to finish wheel IV first. 🙂

Spent all morning taking the pieces apart to use them in other places if possible. The orange stuff may become wheel III, the purple ring a new wheel IX. Just need to test some fabrics.

Wheels – Halfway Through

Only 11 more wheels to go, five of which are more or less only smaller parts, plus some filler pieces for the borders. 🍸 🙂

Cut the pieces for IV this morning – sea-green instead of turquoise because inexplicably I didn’t have the right fabrics. How could this happen? I’m afraid I’ll be needing a new colour scheme now, but maybe I can work around this.

And – shock! horror! – I’m thinking of redoing the big yellow wheel as well as the orange one on the left as I think they do not fit into the project too well. Or shall I keep them? Hmm …

Wheel VIII Finished

Wednesday evening I finished the second of the big wheels but had to wait to get a daylight shot today. Tonight I will join the three units currently on my design wall so tomorrow you’ll get a picture of the project so far.

A few accidents happened with this wheel – first I picked the wrong pentagons and hat to unsew two units. While making more units I got a few other pieces wrong and had to redo them. Can you spot the mistake in the picture of my previous post? I only noticed when I wanted to add the last but one unit. But now it’s done.

I’ve already chosen the fabrics for the next wheel. If I’m lucky I’ll get to cut them tomorrow. Sunday is another more or less sewing-free day as my sister is celebrating a belated birthday party.

Wheel VIII

Wheel VIII Progress

Wondering where I’ve been? Well, I’ve taken some days off patchwork and went diving to further explore my reef and maybe discover some new inhabitants. Found some sponges and corals, new species all of them. 😉 Also, I was working on Pauli’s blanket and of course my Rainbow blanket. And spent one day untangling some skeins of novelty yarn that had suffered a little while waiting for me to pick them up from the bargains box at the local shop. Plus I took zillions of tulip photos for my Tulip Lover photo blog.

Tonight there will be no piecing either. I have already been shopping for crisps and sweet sticky malt ‘beer’ (alcohol-free). I will make myself comfy on the sofa and watch TV all night. German station VOX has a special treat – all three episodes of The Escape Artist. Dubbed in German, so it will only be half the fun if you know the original English version, but well.

While I was being lazy there’s someone else who was not. Gun of Swedish blog Rutigt has been busy already and has a little surprise for you here. I’m really looking forward to her colour choices. 🙂

As for my own project – the wrong pieces of Wheel VIII are now where they were supposed to be, and yesterday I started to add the pentagon ring units which I just finished. Still have to baste some triangles for the outer star ring and assemble the six units. I will then complete the ‘Making of’ page. Hope I can show you next weekend how it all fits together. Tomorrow I’ll decide which of the fabrics for the next wheel will go where. Turquoise/teal this time.

Wheel VIII – Update

The inner part of the wheel is now complete. I’ve started the pentagon ring today and have already added that to the ‘Making of’ page. If everything’s working as planned, the ring will be complete by the end of the week so I can join the remaining units of the outer star ring.

This is what I’ve got so far.

Wheel VIII, in progress

Wheel VIII

Not much progress last week on my Wheels project – I had caught the yarn bug and finished Teddy’s blanket, tried out the new blue yarn for the Rainbow blanket and frogged and restarted Pauli’s blanket.

Despite the fact that I have decided what to do with my UFO lottery projects Propeller and Tulip Field, I just wasn’t in the mood to start. Talking of tulips, I’ve revived one of my old blogs and changed it into The Tulip Lover photo blog (shameless self promotion here). 😀

My reader tells me there has also been some kind of trouble at both ends of the axis that will at some time hold the other two wheels. 😉 But, as the Black Sorrows are singing in the background:

If you believe, there’s better times ahead
There’s better days, yeah yeah

Two thumbs up from here (that’s all I have) to everyone who’s somewhat stuck at the moment. Happens to the best of us. 😉

This is all I managed to do wheel-wise last week: cutting all of the patches and basting some of them. I’ll try to finish the star ring today so I can continue with episode two on the ‘Making of’ page.

Wheel XIV

Wheel XIV

A quick one this time, with only 33 patches.

For those of you who are interested in the ‘how to’ I will create a page on the ‘making of’ this project soon. I’ll guide you through the making of the second of the big wheels, wheel VIII. A few tips and hints will be included. Watch the pages bar on top. 🙂

Wheel XVI – The Odd One

In every family there’s always the odd one. Some strange cousin or uncle, maybe. Well, in our family, I think I’m the weird auntie. Doing things that no normal person would do – reading books, making art, blogging, cutting up big pieces of fabric into small scraps and sewing them back together again – the like. 🙂

Wheel XVI

The Wheels project has the odd one, too. The new wheel’s different from the others as it doesn’t have a star in the center but pentagons.

When I chose the fabrics I picked some I call ‘rosewood’ for lack of a better word. But they didn’t fit in as I had imagined so they changed places with the yellow-greens.

The project is starting to grow profusely across my design wall which is one meter square.