No Longer Bible-less

A treat for being a good girl

There should be a bible in every home, they say.

Well, I’ve got a second one now. The Cross stitch letters BIBLE des lettres au point des croix by Valérie Lejeune (Éditions de Saxe, 2009, ISBN: 978-2-7565-0305-9, 31 €).

The craft store held a discount sale recently – 15 percent off. Alas, not on books. But after picking some nice knitting yarns – already down from 2,49 € to 99 Euro cents per ball so I got them for 75 Euro cents each – I coudn’t resist to finally buy this book. It sat on their shelf for quite a while already, but I always felt it was too expensive. Call it a reward for being a good girl and continuing to tidy up The Boudoir. 😉

On the back I found the promising words: A paraître: le tome II … proposera la suite de la collection. In other words: Volume 2 to follow. Should be out by now. I’ll keep my eyes open.

And of course, we’ve already got some ideas, Dave and me. 😀