‘Propeller’ Finished

The UFO Lottery seems to be on it’s way to success – #9 of 27 is finished! Propeller was supposed to be completed on Friday as my boss was going to leave early. Well, he didn’t. I found a little time this morning and did the hemming.

For this piece I’ve used Hoffman fabrics from the Dimensions Style line. The yellow, orange and green fabrics were leftovers from my Citrus project (still in the UFO Lottery). The amber fabric was first used in Tulip Field. This is what’s left of it. Perfect. 🙂

‘Propeller’ Picked Up Again

Propeller was one of my problem children because I didn’t have any of the fabrics left to finish it. So I thought until I found a piece of yellow and one in brown when looking for some fabrics for Tulip Field. This is the panel I’ve started with.

I left it on the UFO pile for a while because I couldn’t make my mind up how to finish it. My first idea was to rip some pieces from two of the edges and use them to fill up the triangular gaps on the other two. Most times first ideas are the best ones, so here we go.

Then I sewed six new ’tiles’ and filled up the gaps. This is my new panel.

I’ll be using the brown fabric for the borders and back.

One question – what is the English name of the colour I’m calling ‘brown’ here? I’m sure I’ve heard it before but I forgot it (‘gold’?). In German I would use ‘messing’ (brass) or – jokingly – ‘senf’ (mustard).


Fixed! Friday 03

Welcome to Fixed! Friday again.

I’m posting a little later today because I’m only home now after a trip into town. Some of my works are still on display in a local sewing machine shop. It’s time to welcome them home soon.
Now I’ve settled down in my corner of the couch with a cup of tea and a little cardboard tray with two wieners, a little bun and some mustard. I know what you’re thinking – Ah, she’s finally run out of Christmas goodies. – No, I haven’t. They’re made of marzipan and were a Christmas gift. On the turntable: Rage And Ruin by Jimmy Barnes.

Also on today’s menu:


If you ever see one of my pieces named like this you can be sure it’s another one from my favourite book of all times: Tilings And Patterns by GrĂĽnbaum/Shephard. This is #4 in the crash fabric series.

I love the transparency effect where the hexagon ‘rings’ overlap each other which was created by using a light colour and a dark one. As soon as you think you know which one is on top the layers shift. Your eyes can wander around in this one never finding a fixed point.

This is the sketch in which I have outlined the blocks.

Made between May and December 2001, size is 82 x 82 cms. It took 66’25 hours to sew the 475 pieces in this un-quilt together and add the borders and back. I’ve used a thin polyester batting/wadding this time for a little more ‘body’.

Next week on Fixed! Friday: Kairo (Cairo)