U Is For – Unicorn?

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Recently I told you about my unfinished ‘Palimpsest’ piece. I have now finished the inital. Let’s see what Dave thinks about it.

Hello Dave! Are you there?
– Hi! Yes, I’m here. –
l’d like to show you the initial I made for ‘Palimpsest’. I made a little slideshow about the cross stitching progress for my faithful readers.
– Show me! Show me! (drops his baseball bat in excitement)
OUCH! That hurt.
– Oops. (cheerful) Sorry! –
(rubbing my head) You’re a hopeless case. Now look.
(he watches slideshow) That’s a ‘U’. Why a ‘U’? Why no ‘D’? Or even a ‘J’? –
Because I didn’t like them. Wrong style. The only letter in this alphabet that was distantly medieval was the ‘U’.
– Hm. –
I used a leftover scrap of 18ct Aida and the yarns we pulled out recently. Except for the pink one which I’ve changed for a light red one because it didn’t fit in. Need to wash and block it now. I’ll appliqué it then and see what I can do with the red lace. (noticing Dave being slightly distracted) Are you listening to me?
– Red lace. Hey, who’s that guy there on the left? Looks like he could be a colleague of mine! Hiya there! – *
This is strange. When I mentioned you for the first time on another blog of mine it was only a couple of days later when he appeared. I wonder if you had something to do with that.
– No, I hadn’t. Honestly. –

He’s probably right. This happens to me frequently. I’m thinking of on old song I haven’t heard for ages. A couple of days later it’s on the radio. Or something comes to my mind. I don’t know what it means at that moment. A few days later this reappears in a totally different context. I’m already used to that.


*Edit: There used to be a pic of DT with a baseball bat.

Hi! It’s me again. Your muse.

The other day I noticed a faint knocking inside my head.
‘Hi! Dave here. I’ve come to inspire you.’
Ah – so he’s learning. Dave, my muse, that is.
– I had a word with him recently about always hitting me with what feels like a baseball bat. I told him it was no use beating some of my brain cells to death each time he calls. After all, he’d be homeless when there are none left. He blushed (well, I suppose so – he’s invisible) and said he was terribly sorry and promised to work on it. ‘I’m a little bit clumsy sometimes.’ Brilliant. A clumsy muse. With a baseball bat. I’m the lucky one.
Now, let’s hear what he wants.
‘I wonder what became of the machine stitched piece I made you do a while ago. What was it called again … Palimpsest.’ *
‘Well, I put it onto the samples pile because I had no idea how to go on – or you hadn’t. I thought of some fancy machine stitching around the edges, maybe embroider or appliqué an initial, but didn’t find the right stuff.’
‘Doesn’t sound too bad. Do it then.’
Great. Doesn’t listen either. ‘I didn’t find the right stuff.’
‘Did you check the internet?’
‘I see. – Then we’ll have to improvise.’
(We?) ‘But isn’t that cheating?
‘No, it’s inspiration. No one will notice. – Let’s go check for material.’
After a quick search we had this.

I’ll show you how it turned out sometime later. The embroidery may take a while.

*a piece of parchment that has the original writing removed for re-use, with some of the old letters sometimes still slightly visible