Every household should have one

geode01A geode, again a pattern by Oddknit.

For the inside I didn’t knit two parts. I skipped the Thread 435(ish) beads onto the slimmer yarn bit. After all, I’ve got an assortment of fancy yarns that sparkle.


A starfish is born

starfish01Not a contestant for the Miss Starfish 2016 finals

My first starfish from this OddKnit pattern is finished. Not too hard to knit once you figure out how to prevent the needles from slipping during the first two rounds. 😉

I’ve also got the yarn I made the top from in another colour and will knit a couple of companions for my little starfish.

Here’s a shot how the underside turned out.


Argh! It’s trying to eat my precious Brown magnet coral (Vynilia ferromagnetica julii).


Fossil Echinocorys

echi02A couple of days ago there was a new entry on NatureKnits (formerly known as Pipknits) that reminded me of an old project that hadn’t made it onto my project list because I had simply forgotten to add it. It’s still a secret one, so patience, dear reader. Instead, I took one of the fossil patterns from the OddKnit site and made an Echinocorys in less than one hour from some leftover white DK acrylic yarn on 4 mm dpns, therefore it’s quite large. I started with a belemnite but frogged it at about 3 centimeters because of its alarming size and the indecent shape it seemed to develop. Unsuitable for a G rated blog. 😀