Fancy Canvas Update

I have been working on a couple of secret and not so secret projects recently. But I also managed to squeeze in some new canvaswork patterns.

pattern #5

A simple combination of two different grays

pattern #6

I had six pre-cut lenghts of variegated perle cotton in my stash which made the bars with this one.

pattern #7

Steps and squares

The Canvas Fun Continues

pattern #4

My original plan was to keep loosely to some architectural patterns, especially the designs of modern buildings. I wanted to build my own cityscape. Well, maybe next time. Sounds more like a cross stitch project, anyway. 🙂

On this project, I will use some patterns inspired by that, but not exclusively. I work very intuitively on this one, picking up two matching skeins of perle cotton. Even after having threaded the needle, I don’t always have a special pattern in mind. I just put the needle through the first hole and let go, surprising myself in the process. Maybe my muse has got something to do with it. In this case: Thank you Dave. (You’re welcome. – Dave)

Here are some pictures of my new pattern blocks.

pattern #3

pattern #2