Liebster Blog, Maths And Chain Mail Allergy

cotton dyed with diluted fabric paint, monoprinted with bubble wrap

It was bound to happen. My blog has been nominated for a ‘Liebster Blog’ award a couple of days ago.

hi there! Just to let you know I’ve nominated you for the ‘Liebster Blog Award’

as a thank you for your support and to share your lovely blog with more ppl! 😀

Thanks for the nomination!

Let’s break the news to my muse, Dave.

Hello Dave! Are you there?
– Hi! Yes, present. –
I’ve got some news for you. Our blog has been nominated for a ‘Liebster Blog’ award.
– ‘Liebster Blog’, oh dear. –
I’ve decided I’m not going to accept it. I simply can’t. Neither have I got five ‘liebste blogs’ to recommend, who haven’t got the award already or are hopeful beginners nor do I like the idea of putting ‘that logo’ onto my blog which was what I had in mind when I put ‘award-free’ into the sidebar. (OK, I’ll change that to ‘No awards, please’ like on my other blogs. Done.) Now, I only have got one blog left that would fit into the rules. But I think a nomination would stretch that person’s sense of humor way too far. And talking of rules, aren’t they meant to be broken?
– That’s what they say. Most people seem to be kind of ‘blind’ when it comes to big numbers. The first people in this chain are lucky. Only five of them. Then they chose five others each. Makes 25. The disease is spreading.-
Hey, that’s one of mine!
– Don’t interrupt. Step 3: 125. Step 4: 625. Step 5: 3,125. Step 6: 15,625. Step 7: 78,125. Step 8: 390,625. Step 9: 1,953,125. Impressing, eh? Almost two million blogs. Suitable blogs are quickly getting rare now. And have you heard of ‘The Versatile Blogger’? You have to name 15 blogs. –
That’s a quick death.
– And tell people seven things about you. –
Over my dead body.
– Ah, what’s that itch? I think I’m currently suffering from an attack of chain mail allergy. –
Poor guy.

Dedicated to ephemeralgecko (a site really worth visiting).

cotton dyed with diluted fabric paint,
monoprinted with corrugated cardboard, stenciled

If you have got an idea what this Chinese character means, please let me know. I’d like to use it properly.