Gudrun’s Blocks

Gudrun’s original block, I added the black strips

A couple of years ago a got a phone call from a friend of mine, Gudrun. She invited me to come around and have a browse through her many bags full of fabrics. ‘Take everything you want.’ So I spent a morning in an almost dark basement, picking out real treasures like Japanese kimono silks. I went home with a sports bag and a shopping bag full of fabrics.

Gudrun was able to make things from the tiniest of pieces, even smaller than some of my stuff – I remember a little ball the size of a thumbnail made of pentagons. She was a well-known in the local quilting scene. Also, she was interested in any other kind of craft.

A couple of days after my visit she died.

These are some of her unfinished blocks she let me have from the bags. Found again in the depths of The Boudoir.

What kind of surprises will I find underneath the black layer?

I’m thinking of making a fabric frame for the mola-style blocks which will also show their interesting backs.