Fixed! Friday 18

Welcome to Fixed! Friday again.

The week at the office was really mental. I’ve gotten a new computer but was in serious trouble with the new widescreen (as I predicted, but why listen to the stupid secretary?). I just couldn’t get a setting that allowed me to see the display properly. After swapping to my boss’ old screen, things look a little better now. Leaves me with the rest of the settings. Did I mention my experts forgot to copy my personal folders to the new computer? The old one is now sitting on the opposite desk for further use.

I’m posting a little later than usual today, because I went to take some pictures (Magnolias! Yay!). The weather being fine today, I spent a little more time walking than I had planned but got some great shots (240 pictures altogether).

Today it’s two for the price of one.

Challenge II

This is from a group challenge. Everyone got the same fat quarters of green and black faux unis, a big flower print, and pink/yellow stripes (Fassett?). I don’t remember if the red one came with this or if I took this from my stash. I cut the first four fabrics into strips and folded them in half lengthwise.

After marking the sewing lines on some base fabric, I pinned the strips in place and sewed them on by machine, as well as some prairie points made out of the red fabric. Finally, I sewed on stars secured by a little golden bead. The binding was done by hand.


A very quick project, made on March 8 & 9, 2008. Size is 50 x 50 cms.

This was so much fun that I made second one from white and blue fabrics and red prairie points.


Next week on Fixed! Friday: Unterm Mikroskop (Under the microscope)



‘Baddies’ Top Finished

After squaring the blocks a couple of days ago I finally joined them today to make a finished top.

I admit it’s not perfect, but my sewing gets a little better piece by piece. After all, I’m still a beginner at machine piecing and still have to learn a lot yet.

finished ‘Baddies’ top

Still have a little hand sewing to do before I’ll be starting to finish all of my projects. I’m glad I’m back in the business this year after about two years of very slow progress, if any at all. I feel confident I will have reached my goal of having finished my UFOs (or most of them) by the end of next year. Thanks again to everyone for your encouragement.

Playing With The Baddies – Again

I promised you I would not publish another top until Easter. Well, I was a good girl, kept away from my sewing machine most of the time, cleaned my place instead (OK, not totally voluntarily), finished knitting one of the scarves, basted the pieces of one of my secret projects and started doing the same on another. And I put up a new photoblog yesterday.

To reward myself for all this, and Easter being almost over (Easter Monday is a holiday in Germany), I thought I could risk a little sewing today and blog about it. After all, it’s not a finished top yet. 😉

Baddies – final layout

The 100 single blocks have now become 50 doubles, and as things go, when I pinned the doubles to make 25 four-square blocks, the last one didn’t fit.


It turned out I had stacked the last row of pairs upside down after pressing. Phew! Only five blocks to repin.

Playing With The Baddies

Yesterday I remembered some cuttings from the last Keepsake Quilting catalogue I recently saved. They had some stunning quilts made of batik fabrics. Of which I’ve got some. Two drawers full, to be exact. Plus the ‘Pile of Uglies’ and hard-to-use ones aka the ‘Baddie Bin’.

Today I wanted to play along with the baddies so I’ve decided to be a bad girl myself and start a new project. I need to improve my machine piecing skills, after all. So it’s all for a good cause.

It turned out that a lot of the fabrics went together quite well. I chose one of the KQ projects and began cutting four squares (10 x 10 cms/4 x 4 “) and four strips (3 x 10 cms/1 3/16 x 4 “) from each colour combination.

This is what I’ve got after the first round of cutting. I’m planning to do 100 blocks.


On Friday I was looking for some fabrics for a cut and sew project I wanted to do. Didn’t find what I wanted, but one of my project bags had caught my attention.

I don’t remember where these fabrics came from. Must have bought them on a market. This is not my usual choice of fabrics, I think I bought the collection for the strips. I also used this projects to gain some experience in machine piecing.

The collection contained four 5″ strips of a fabric called Artifacts designed by John Flynn for Benartex and a couple of swatches in earth tones (plus one each in squeeky green and sulphur yellow, respectively).

Artifacts strips

When it comes to cutting fabric I have this little problem. I’m always hesitant to start because I think there might be a better use for those fabrics. This was especially the case with the Artifacts strips. Should I maybe use single motifs for an ‘archaeology’ project? Where to cut? I decided to be brave, took a deep breath and just cut squares. I got nine out of each strip – 36 in all, 12 x 12 cms.

fabric swatches

Then I chose these ten fabrics. Using only the top five and without calculating the amount of fabric needed, I began to cut strips 4 x 12 cms for the sashing. I didn’t want to use the reddish fabric at first but had to because I didn’t have enough of the other ones. After I had done the sewing and pressing on the blocks I cut some more strips 4 x 14 cms for more sashing. Sew, press, done.

Artifacts top

If I’m continuing to produce patchwork tops at this speed, I may have a slight chance of getting rid of my stash in, say, 10 years.

(Despite some editing the pictures do not show the true colours on my screen. Maybe they do on yours.)


There were a few scraps left after my Disappearing Nine-Patch top was finished. I’ve made them into a mini-quilt top. Still some strips left, but they will go back to the stash.

Please welcome Scrappy.

‘Scrappy’ top

Top finished

Just a short post to tell you I’ve just finished the new batik top. OK, a couple of minor inaccuracies and some small bloopers like turned blocks and an upside-down row, but nothing disastrous.

I’ll try to take a good picture (daylight) next weekend.

As I’ve got a day off next Monday a trip to the local fabric shop is on the agenda. I need a couple of backing fabrics and batting for this and other projects.

More Luck

I’ve just finished sewing and cutting the blocks. Everything went smoothly, except that I had to unpick the very last seam because of inaccurate pinning. 😩

Here’s a first peek at my design. I’m now heading over to the UFO Garage’s boudoir again for more sewing. This is a fun project!

Beginner’s Luck

Yes, I know. This blog is meant for finishing things, not for beginning new ones.

But there was one thing on my mind for a couple of days now that kept nagging me. So today I had to give in and went over to Avis’ Disappearing Nine-Patch Tutorial. I had no choice.

After a quick search I found some fabrics I had already put together for another project. Some batik samples I bought at the Dutch fabric market a while ago.

I transformed the measurement from 10″ to 25 cms – not much of a difference – and cut some squares. And now *trumpets* I got out my sewing machine. Yes, you’ve got that right.

After pinning the pieces together I lowered the presser foot and very carefully began to sew.

my first block

And my batiks didn’t let me down. Look, I managed to match the corners for the first time.

I did it!

I hope this isn’t just beginner’s luck. 😉

the first four blocks