Stitch sample cushion cover – UL 26

And another one off the list – a new cushion cover made from a machine embroidery sample.

Made to match the Lines & Dots cushion cover. The unbleached denim was a lucky find, I was cutting some base fabrics for another project and it appeared in the pile of fabrics I was going to use. For the machine embroidery I used a piece of decorator’s fabric from a sample book.


Skipping Stones – UL 21

The UFO Lottery continues and one more of my infamous un-quilts is here – Skipping Stones.

A piece inspired by a quilt I found in the Spring 2015 issue of Burda Patchwork (Hüpfende Steine by Emma Coutancier). Read more about the start of the project here and how I messed it up here.

I was thinking of quilting but couldn’t decide upon a pattern so I left it unquilted. Finished size is 58 x 71 cms.

Linien & Punkte (Lines & Dots) – UL 18

Next ticket drawn from the UFO Lottery is a panel I had made years ago from an idea based on a graffiti design. I called this panel Linien & Punkte (Lines & Dots). Some of my old cushion covers are no longer looking as good as they used to do and are ready for replacement. Perfect.

Well, almost. The piece was rectangular and not square. So I added some soft cotton/polyester blue jean fabric (which is almost the same colour as the sofa it’s sitting on, not the bright blue as in the pictures). As I have currently misplaced my collection of zippers I made a hotel closure. Finished size 48 x 48 cms.


Approved by Dave the Muse (it was his idea, after all)

And it seems it has instantly become Alfred Kowalski’s new favorite spot 😉

Scrappy (UL 6)

Finishing Scrappy went faster than expected. (Plus, I’ve finished a second one which I will blog about tomorrow.)

A side project after finishing Disappearing Nine Patch made from the leftover scraps, this is the original top.

I was quite unhappy with the wide sashing strips so I followed a suggestion to cut the top apart –

– and then add some more scraps. I had a couple of matching stuff in my stash as well as the odd leftover from the original top.

Simple, but very effective. A winner! Big thanks got to Kate from Tall Tales from Chiconia for saving this piece.

Finished size is 56 x 69 cms, no batting, no quilting. Binding and backing fabric is a cream marbled cotton/polyester fabric.

Artifacts (UL 5)

Last week was a little hectic as real life took over. My landlord is going to sell the flat I live in so I have to show around possible buyers. Which involved a little cleaning and tidying. 😉 I was hoping to get the next two pieces finished on the weekend but this plan was torpedoed by my brother who changed the date for a triple birthday party due to the weather forecast. 🙂

Finally, here’s Artifacts

A set of fabric samples, not my usual choice. I think I bought it for the ‘Artifacts’ fabric strips (designed by John Flynn for Benartex). The top was made to gain some machine piecing practice and has been lying around for four years. Time to do something about that, so it go entered into the UFO Lottery.

Finished size is 76 x 76 cms, binding and backing are made from a peach cotton/polyester fabric.

I’m blogging from the kitchen today as my living room table is blocked by my sewing machine. Scrappy has been cut up and is on its way to become something more pleasing to the eye. More to come in a couple of days. Some work on Plan B might also happen.

Bargello (UL3)

Friday’s second finish is


A machine pieced un-quilt from a pattern inBurda Patchwork (Fall 2015). I made a smaller version with only 14 colours instead of 31. Size is 66 x 68 cms and I used a thin polyester batting like I usually do with batik fabrics.  What I had in mind when chosing the fabrics was a mother-of-pearl colourway you’ll find in a paua shell, but it might as well resemble oil on water or a coral reef.

The binding and backing fabric is one of my most cherished batiks and it cost me some willpower to use it. 🙂

backing fabric

I’ve already drawn the next winner, another piece that needs only little time to finish.

Palimpsest (UL 1)

And the first winner is – Palimpsest*

The background was made back in 2008 and 2009, using my then new sewing machine and a variety of machine embroidery threads, mostly Madeira Rayon. The idea behind it was to create a parchment-like piece like a page from an old book, with an illuminated letter and decorative painting. The letter is cross stitched (U is for Unicorn) and appliquéd in place. I used a giant zigzag stitch to couch down the red lace after testing different possibilities in hand and machine stitching. Finished size is 40 x 46 cms.

detail, showing cross stitched letter, couching and machine embroidery

some of the threads used in machine embroidery

*a piece of parchment that has the original writing removed for re-use, with some of the old letters sometimes still slightly visible


Disappearing Nine Patch Finished

Hi, me again with my third and last post today. Just finished the Disappearing Nine Patch a little ahead of schedule. As I’ve got a couple of minutes left, I’m taking the opportunity to post it now instead of later.

Disappearing Nine Patch

Sorry for the bad picture, my camera is rubbish with artificial light. Made of some batiks I had already put together for a future project and some additions from my stash. For the binding and back I used a copper batik, it has got a thin batting but no quilting (which I actually first intended to do). This is pieced by machine. Yes, I tamed the monster. 🙂 Avis of Oh Sew Tempting has the tutorial here. Thanks for making me try! The project was fun to make. I’m already collecting some scraps for another one. 😉


Fixed! Friday 18

Welcome to Fixed! Friday again.

The week at the office was really mental. I’ve gotten a new computer but was in serious trouble with the new widescreen (as I predicted, but why listen to the stupid secretary?). I just couldn’t get a setting that allowed me to see the display properly. After swapping to my boss’ old screen, things look a little better now. Leaves me with the rest of the settings. Did I mention my experts forgot to copy my personal folders to the new computer? The old one is now sitting on the opposite desk for further use.

I’m posting a little later than usual today, because I went to take some pictures (Magnolias! Yay!). The weather being fine today, I spent a little more time walking than I had planned but got some great shots (240 pictures altogether).

Today it’s two for the price of one.

Challenge II

This is from a group challenge. Everyone got the same fat quarters of green and black faux unis, a big flower print, and pink/yellow stripes (Fassett?). I don’t remember if the red one came with this or if I took this from my stash. I cut the first four fabrics into strips and folded them in half lengthwise.

After marking the sewing lines on some base fabric, I pinned the strips in place and sewed them on by machine, as well as some prairie points made out of the red fabric. Finally, I sewed on stars secured by a little golden bead. The binding was done by hand.


A very quick project, made on March 8 & 9, 2008. Size is 50 x 50 cms.

This was so much fun that I made second one from white and blue fabrics and red prairie points.


Next week on Fixed! Friday: Unterm Mikroskop (Under the microscope)