Scraps and snippets

All those batik scraps and snippets from my scrap bag are going into some improv blocks. I’ve got a vague idea on how to use them in a new project.

The square above is 14 cms/5 1/2″ tall.

Wirkungsvoll – finished

On Thursday afternoon I had some unexpected free time, so I finished the binding for Wirkungsvoll (effective). Another one off the list.

Made from a couple of cotton shopping totes and scraps from previous projects, as well as a piece of hand printed cotton (by me) and another hand lettered fabric (by someone else). I decided on some random curvy machine quilting, mostly in white with accents in orange, turquoise and black.

The piece was inspired by an article by Sherri Lipman McCauley in Quilting Arts #101, October/November 2019.

Detail shot, showing the patch with the word wirkungsvoll after which the piece got named.

Another detail shot, showing the curvy machine quilting

Improv piecing

The first top is finished and waiting to be quilted. I’ve chosen a name, it’s one of the words from the hand lettered fabric – Wirkungsvoll (effective).

While working on the second one, I was so focussed on sewing that I forgot to add the solid fabric bits. They were placed on the table just beside the project, but I didn’t notice. 🙄 This time I pressed the seams apart – much better. I’m going to add the other pieces later.

And now I’m ready for a weekend piecing together any scraps and strips I can find. Art lab time 🙂

Stay safe and healthy out there!

The Boudoir in February

Statistics – In June 2017 my UFO Lottery list contained 100 items. At the end of 2019 the number was down to 50. Most of the projects were finished, some abandoned or used for something else. Two more off since then, they were ripped apart and became part of something new, see below.

Batik pentagons (in progress) – What began as a scrap project with an intended layout of 6 x 6 blocks has now become something bigger. The panel was ripped apart, which provided tiles for four blocks of each colour. 37 blocks are finished, 43 blocks need to be sewn together, more to follow.

before – after

Pastel pentagons (in progress) – Only four tiles per block this time, one quarter of the blocks above. Made from the ripped strip and the contents of one project bag (leftovers from a former project). Enough tiles for 165 small blocks, the remaining went into the project above.



Repair work – My sister asked if I could replace a patch in a cushion cover I made her. When she brought it she mentioned that some seams had come apart, too. Closer inspection showed that the whole thing was almost falling apart. She thought I could repair it by ironing-on a piece of fabric from the back to support it. đŸ€Ł I suggested a new panel, we chose the fabrics and I went to work.

Before and after repair

Improv piecing (in progress) – The supply of shopping totes from my sister has arrived and I’ve got interesting stuff for a couple more pieces now. The first top is nearly finished, I’ve already got an idea how to quilt it.

Photography – I joined a free weekly photography class in December. The place where we meet has its three year anniversary celebration week in March under the motto ‘Sustainability’. We were asked to provide some pictures for display at the cafĂ© (I’ll try to take some pictures for next month’s entry). This is one shot that didn’t make it onto the shortlist, a photo collage of my paper beads made from recycled papers. Built-in camera feature, should use it more often.

And, sadly, one casualty – I broke another hand sewing needle.

The Boudoir in January

I’m still struggling with anything concerning writing and getting ideas into written form. And still no idea why I have these difficulties. The psychotherapist recommend to see a neurologist, the neurologist recommended a psychotherapy. I’m glad I saw some real professionals… 😛

Therefore, I’ve decided upon monthly updates about what’s going on at The Boudoir, hoping I’ll be able to scratch together at least some words.

So, January –

‘Experiment’ was the word for 2020. And then a strange thing happened – I rediscovered my love for English paper piecing.

Fiona’s Fall top is finished (from 8 strips)

Batik pentagons two new projects coming up, all batik scraps large enough made into pentagons, plus a deconstructed panel as well as a strip (both from and off the UFO list)

I’ll use the dark blue and brown ones for the first project, the light ones will go into the second one, 29 blocks laid out so far

P4-43 patches joined into strips – to be continued

Socks – two new pairs

And finally, some experimenting with improv piecing – a couple of shopping totes cut up and reassembled with some scraps left over from older pieces, a hand painted panel (by me) and some fabric with hand lettering in copper paint (by someone else), I need more bags and am waiting for supplies from my sister

More finishes in 2019

I was so busy making things that posting my finished projects got a little delayed. Here they come, with not too much words.

Starting with Electric Blue (finished size 62 x 93 cms)

Corner solution, front

machine quilting with decorative stitches


This is called Satsuma (finished size 43 x 61 cms)

hand quilting

The next one is a Disappearing Nine Patch thingy – feel free to call it whatever you like – a placemat, a table mat, a doll un-quilt … (finished size 35 x 50 cms)

Made from a set of fabric samples I bought years ago (one project bag emptied)

A book cover, fits an A5 size journal. Made from a freestyle panel I made a couple of months ago from left over strips. I thought one of the embroidered squares from Afghanistan might be a good addition.

back and inside

Two more panels made into cushion covers, finished size 50 x 50 cms approx. Ammonites were crocheted and appliquĂ©d onto samples of decorator’s fabric with an added strip of neutral cotton fabric. And that’s another two projects off the UFO Lottery list. 🙂

George had a bit of trouble dealing with the new Zickzackloop (zigzag loop scarf) 😉

And last but not least my new planner/journal/diary for 2020, made from an A4 journal my sister gave me – orange cover with company logo, so I wrapped it in some decorative gift paper. Again, it’s completely handdrawn and decorated (you can spot this year’s model in the background).

Oh, wait, there’s one more … No title yet, but it looks like this (finished size 38 x 43 cms)

Squares (size 9 cms) were laid out, sewn together, cut vertically, rearranged and sewn back together, then the same vertically (sorry for the poor lighting conditions). And another project bag emptied.

Once more with a feeling

And another one from the UFO Lottery – a panel turned into a cushion cover.

The red frame around the center, made from the darkest red, called for some contrast. There was a black scrap on the table that was just the right size for a thin accent border.

Instead of a zipper closure I went for a hotel closure. I was so proud of myself when I managed to get that part instantly right. So off I went to the sewing machine. What I hadn’t noticed at the time was that I had the front pinned on inside out. Misfortune never sleeps.

My friend Jack (the ripper) went to work and I pinned everything anew – once more with a feeling.

A description of how I made the panel is here.


Ammonites, Barnacles, Crinoids & Friends

The next finished piece is Fossil Friends.

You may have recognised the Crinoid panel (top left) which is my blog icon. I was planning to use it together with the Ammonite panel (bottom right) for some time already but had no idea how to finish the piece. After a rummage through my stash I came up with coral and ammonite prints. A leftover of light green Fossil Ferns fabric was perfect for the barnacles. But what about the ammonite print as I already had an ammonite panel? My sister suggested starfish. The internet had what I needed (find the free starfish pattern – in German – here.) It’s hard to see in the picture but I used four different colours of thread for the hemming, matching the individual fabrics in each corner. Finished size is 54 x 51 cms.





Here’s another one from the UFO Lottery, Uglies. A title lovingly created for a piece made from not so beautiful or just the ‘wrong’ kind of colour fabrics.

Finished size is 58 x 100 cms.

Some of the original blocks, cut up and with added black strips

I played around with a couple of design options.