More finishes in 2019

I was so busy making things that posting my finished projects got a little delayed. Here they come, with not too much words.

Starting with Electric Blue (finished size 62 x 93 cms)

Corner solution, front

machine quilting with decorative stitches


This is called Satsuma (finished size 43 x 61 cms)

hand quilting

The next one is a Disappearing Nine Patch thingy – feel free to call it whatever you like – a placemat, a table mat, a doll un-quilt … (finished size 35 x 50 cms)

Made from a set of fabric samples I bought years ago (one project bag emptied)

A book cover, fits an A5 size journal. Made from a freestyle panel I made a couple of months ago from left over strips. I thought one of the embroidered squares from Afghanistan might be a good addition.

back and inside

Two more panels made into cushion covers, finished size 50 x 50 cms approx. Ammonites were crocheted and appliquĂ©d onto samples of decorator’s fabric with an added strip of neutral cotton fabric. And that’s another two projects off the UFO Lottery list. 🙂

George had a bit of trouble dealing with the new Zickzackloop (zigzag loop scarf) 😉

And last but not least my new planner/journal/diary for 2020, made from an A4 journal my sister gave me – orange cover with company logo, so I wrapped it in some decorative gift paper. Again, it’s completely handdrawn and decorated (you can spot this year’s model in the background).

Oh, wait, there’s one more … No title yet, but it looks like this (finished size 38 x 43 cms)

Squares (size 9 cms) were laid out, sewn together, cut vertically, rearranged and sewn back together, then the same vertically (sorry for the poor lighting conditions). And another project bag emptied.

Stitch sample cushion cover – UL 26

And another one off the list – a new cushion cover made from a machine embroidery sample.

Made to match the Lines & Dots cushion cover. The unbleached denim was a lucky find, I was cutting some base fabrics for another project and it appeared in the pile of fabrics I was going to use. For the machine embroidery I used a piece of decorator’s fabric from a sample book.

Linien & Punkte (Lines & Dots) – UL 18

Next ticket drawn from the UFO Lottery is a panel I had made years ago from an idea based on a graffiti design. I called this panel Linien & Punkte (Lines & Dots). Some of my old cushion covers are no longer looking as good as they used to do and are ready for replacement. Perfect.

Well, almost. The piece was rectangular and not square. So I added some soft cotton/polyester blue jean fabric (which is almost the same colour as the sofa it’s sitting on, not the bright blue as in the pictures). As I have currently misplaced my collection of zippers I made a hotel closure. Finished size 48 x 48 cms.


Approved by Dave the Muse (it was his idea, after all)

And it seems it has instantly become Alfred Kowalski’s new favorite spot 😉

Palimpsest (UL 1)

And the first winner is – Palimpsest*

The background was made back in 2008 and 2009, using my then new sewing machine and a variety of machine embroidery threads, mostly Madeira Rayon. The idea behind it was to create a parchment-like piece like a page from an old book, with an illuminated letter and decorative painting. The letter is cross stitched (U is for Unicorn) and appliquéd in place. I used a giant zigzag stitch to couch down the red lace after testing different possibilities in hand and machine stitching. Finished size is 40 x 46 cms.

detail, showing cross stitched letter, couching and machine embroidery

some of the threads used in machine embroidery

*a piece of parchment that has the original writing removed for re-use, with some of the old letters sometimes still slightly visible



Sinus is finished at last!

This one caused a little trouble where I didn’t expect it. I had already bought the backing fabric a couple of months ago, but either I didn’t measure or calculate correctly or the fabric has shrunk during pre-washing. Anyway, it was about 2″ too narrow to use so I had to buy a new piece of fabric. I chose a cream one from the ‘Dimples’ collection.

I used some thin batting but decided this had to be secured against shoving because of the size of this project. For binding the piece I used the method known as hemming – place the top and back right sides out and fold the seams to the inside, then sew them together with a running stitch. But this wouldn’t hold the batting in place.

My idea was to use some machine stitching in some places, not proper machine quilting which I’ve never done before. My machine has a couple of built-in alphabet stitches. Why not write the title ‘Sinus’? So I made a sample which went well. As samples do. When it came to ‘quilting’ the sandwich this did not work as expected. After three ‘Sinuses’ I gave up and chose one of the decorative stitches instead (the one that came closest to a sinus wave) and stitched a couple of bars in various places. Do I need to mention I had to pick two of them out and try again? As I used matching thread colours, the slightly uneven stitching fortunately doesn’t stand out from the fabric.

I’ve turned the piece 90 degrees so the green sinus wave is now running across the bottom. I would have loved to have a green border from the same fabric used for the sinus wave but didn’t have enough left and couldn’t get a similar one. So I chose a matching brown instead.

(Sorry for posting this a little later – while making my afternoon coffee I spilled some water into the old filter, while taking it out of the coffee maker I spread some coffee meal onto the table and into the coffee maker, while cleaning it up I flooded the floor with some of the remaining water – twice.)

Here are some detail shots.

Stitch sample

Fabrics with white print patterns

The back side after taking out the templates

The sinus wave stitching in situ

Fixed! Friday 16

Welcome again to Fixed! Friday.

Just got a call from GĂŒnther. GĂŒnther from the fishing club. No, I don’t know him. Obviously he called a totally different mobile number than mine, and I don’t even have a mobile phone. And you know how guys sometimes are. Immediately afterwards he rang again. Women don’t do this, at least I’ve never experienced this before. Other than with men.

I need to finish another piece for my secret knitting project now and then make some crochet lichen from perle cotton to go with it. Tonight will be one of those now rare occasions – I’ll be watching TV. Yesterday, the DVD Penguins – Spy in the huddle arrived in the mail, narrated by David Tennant. No, I’m not suffering from Tennantitis – I enjoy every minute. 😉

Here’s today’s piece:

9 x 13

An original design. A former colleague used to give me thin cardboard sheets their office always got in the mail, separating the papers of different clients. I simply cut nine of them (the sheets, not the clients) into three long strips each and then into smaller pieces of different sizes. Each of the nine strips has got thirteen pieces, hence the title.

I used three different colours of Prismaglass fabrics, which went together pretty well with some batiks I had bought before. Miraculously, three embroidery yarns in matching colours were in my stash as well. All of those were bought independently over a period of time and only came together in this piece, the grey fabric coming also from my stash.


Made between November 2007 and June 2011, size is 70 x 104 cms. Number of pieces: 9 x 13 (117).

Next week on Fixed! Friday: Im Farbenrausch (Rush of colours)

Dave’s Design Disasters – 1

Hi! Me again.

Being a muse, I always have some new ideas to be made into projects by my assistant J.

Unfortunately, not everything turns out as planned (sometimes it’s not even my fault). So, dear reader, get ready for a new series of mine –

Dave’s Design Disasters

Take this one here. This is from a challenge of J’s former patchwork group. Everyone received the same five fabrics, a fat quarter of each one. The orange one was a problem – what to do? Of course, it was meant to be the ‘accent fabric’. A very bad accent in my humble opinion. I decided to go for a tiny bit of sarcasm and called it ‘Bildstörung’, referring to a broken down TV screen.

My assistant tells me she hasn’t seen one of the other projects finished or even in progress. So I suppose I wasn’t the only one who had trouble with this fabric choice. Ha!

J hand sewed this using the English paper piecing technique. She then machine embroidered the piece with some decorative stitches including its name. I think I’ll have to come up with a very good idea to convince her of finishing it.


EDIT: I’ve just noticed the pic is a little blurry. Here’s a detail shot, showing the hand and machine stitching.