Fixed! Friday 29

Welcome to the next part of Fixed! Friday.

Sometimes you’re lucky and don’t know it (yet). Like me when I bought some knitting lace in a closing-down sale. Well, actually, I didn’t buy it. I had collected some other items and the saleswoman just put two hanks on top of the pile for free after I had mentioned that I liked it.

At that time I hadn’t even thought of today’s project.

Paßt! (A Perfect Match)

I had intended to cut up two pairs of fabrics, sew them back together in a checkerboard pattern and combine the resulting strips. After the first strip was sewn, however, this project proved to be too time-consuming. I was playing around a little when I found the knitting lace again. Serendipity! It provided the second half. I sewed down the intersections with little golden beads. Not only does the knitting lace have similar colours, the intervals of the colouring are similar, too. A perfect match!

Made between May 2003 and Februry 2005, 57 x 125 cms, 1,140 pieces, 107’35 hours

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