‘Rainbow Kites’ Finished

The second finish this week! A very quiet day at the office made it possible. The boss is still away like everybody else and will be back only next Monday. I’ve got a little office work left but this will hardly take more than about half a day. I see some more sewing ahead. 😉

While sewing I had a little time to think about the remaining projects. I’ve already made a couple of decisions about the fabrics for some of them. Next weekend I need to go through my stash to find them, check if they are the right colour and size – and I will probably make a lot of surprise discoveries. About half of my stash is at least two decades old and I’ve forgotten about some of the newer ones as well. 😉

UFO Lottery #8 – Rainbow Kites

Next week I will lay the finishing touches on Japan, so it’s time for the next draw. The lucky winner is Regenbogendrachen (Rainbow Kites).

For this one I chose a pattern from my favorite book, Tilings And Patterns by Grünbaum/Shephard. Rows of kites are connected by rectangles. If you cut one of the rectangles diagonally, flip one piece and put the long sides together again you’ll get the kite shape. Just in case you feel the need to make your own templates. 😉

And of course I used my beloved batik fabrics. Some of them came from the Pile of Uglies. The pink and light blue one from a surprise medley was a real problem child of mine as I had absolutely no idea what kind of project to use it for. It turned out it fit into this one and I think it is perfectly connecting the colours next to it.

I didn’t create a standard rainbow but shifted the colours slightly. If I remember it correctly, it had something to do with the available amount of some of the fabrics. Although the space taken by the tiles is the same in square centimeters (18) the shape of the patches is different which affects cutting.

The border and backing fabrics will be a yellow batik I’ve already used in Wheels, the one with the dark spots I used in wheel XI. More (a finish?) next week. 🙂

Tulip Field

Over a month has gone by since my last post (Edit: at the UFO Garage). That was because I didn’t have anything to show you. I spent quite some time on photo walks during our local festive week, Kieler Woche (Kiel Week). But I wasn’t neglecting my crafting. I have been crocheting a couple more rows on my Rainbow Blanket, half-finished some new inhabitants for my reef and most of all, collected ideas and prepared some border strips and backing fabrics for my pile of UFOs. As my boss is on holiday for two and a half weeks, I’ve got some spare time at the office. Perfect for finishing a couple of works ‘in progress’. 🙂

So today I proudly present my first finish, Tulip Field. Actually, it’s #5 in the UFO Lottery, I’ve skipped #4 for a short while. Just a small little un-quilt made from a block (or tile) I found in Jinny Beyer’s Tesselations. When the blocks came together in rows the pattern reminded me a little of Dutch tulip fields you often see pictured. I have used the same block and a flipped version of it to create the hexagon flower shapes for Pond Lilies.

I’ve already sewn the border strips to my next project, cut the backing fabric and pinned everythig together. This will be my Monday project. Another one is waiting to have the binding attached by machine, then I’ll do the cutting (backs and borders) for two more. Watch this space. 🙂



UFO Lottery – Tulpenfeld (Tulip Field)

When Dave drew the Propeller project out of the little potato salad container yesterday I thought ‘Why not pick the next one already?’ because it was a relatively small one.

He kindly provided me with another little piece of paper which I unfolded impatiently.

Another small one. 🙂

I’ve used a pattern from Designing Tessellations by Jinny Beyer – a kite shape split into three parts. Later I’ve used the same pattern again for my Pond Lilies project.

The rows of coloured fabric reminded me remotely of the rows of tulips and other flowers in the Netherlands that sometimes appear in my travel-themed calendar I buy each year. Also, I’ve always been a great tulip lover which you can tell by the picture on the right.

My idea for this one is just to straighten the edges and maybe add a border strip.

There’s something about this piece I haven’t thought of before. The yellow fabric is the very same fabric I used in Propeller. Aaaand … I’ve still got some of it in my stash, both yellow and brown. Which means I can finish Propeller without hunting for substitutes. YES! *dances*

I swear by the life of my late granny there was no cheating involved in the draw. Honestly, this is a total coincidence which is really giving me goosebumps. But it definitely shows that I can blindly rely on Dave, my muse.

Fixed! Friday 14

Here’s the next part of Fixed! Friday.

My boss, a lawyer, was on holiday this week, so I was in charge of the office. After a quick round of shopping for the weekend and a late lunch I’m now a little tired. I’ve brought home some plastic and jute yarns (it’s Garden Week at the local supermarket) which will go into some experimental crochet objects. Which reminds me of the fact that ‘Coral of the month’ is also due on my Olde Arte Blogge.

Coffee is ready now to enjoy. No music today, the new neighbors are redecorating their flat (their walls must look like a Swiss cheese by now from all the drilling). My other neighbor is making her usual ‘household noises’ which sounds like she’s wrecking the place. Well.

Here we go.

Kaleidoskop (Caleidoscope)

I took this pattern from Jinny Beyer’s book Designing Tesselations. It was only a very small line drawing somewhere on one of the pages, so I had to figure it out myself. Three kite-shaped blocks make a triangle, one side of which measures 10 cms. I love the effect of the overlapping shapes.

my hand drawn pattern

Made between October 2003 and February 2005 using cotton batiks, this one took 73’30 hours to make. Size is 55 x 65 cms, number of pieces is 648. The templates for this project were photocopied on standard paper (80 grams/sqm) instead of using thin cardboard as usual. This works well with smaller pieces and thin fabrics.

Next week on Fixed! Friday: Sternenhaufen (Star Cluster)

A New Customer

The other day while I was working in The UFO Garage I heard a faint knock on the door.
‘Come in!’
The door was slowly and carefully being pushed open. In came, well, someone unusual. About three feet tall. Blue. Dressed in a silver space suit. With a small box underneath one of, eh, four arms.
‘Hello! What can I do for you?’
‘A friend of mine told my about you. Said you might possibly be able to help.’
‘You’ve traveled a long way, it seems.’
He – or she – or even it – looked a little desperate. ‘You’re my last hope.’
‘How can I help you, then?’
‘I, um, have this thing here. I’ve started this myself a while ago but I’m stuck. It needs some fixing.’
‘Can I have a look?’
He – or she – or even it – put down the box and opened it carefully with all of his – or her – or even its – four hands and pulled out a patchwork top. Black and white with some splashes of colour. ‘I’ve made this from some old shirts of mine and some new ones from Intergalactic Bargains.’

the top in question

I recognised the pattern immediately. It was one I had already made before at least three times. English paper piecing. A square surrounded by four kites. Totally different looks could be achieved just by changing the colour placement.

‘Hm, let me see. You’ve got a problem with the borders, right?’ My little visitor – I had decided by now it was a male – nodded. ‘You haven’t brought any of the fabrics, by chance?’
‘Oh yes, I have!’ he said exitedly and started to empty the box. A big pile of fabrics began to grow rapidly on the floor. I wondered how all this could have fit into this small box. Bigger on the inside?

I discussed some border solutions with him and we finally agreed upon filling up the border with triangles to make it straight using the leftover fabrics.

‘Can I do something else for you? Maybe give your ship a check-up? Oil, gas, water, air?’
‘No thanks, she’s fine. Parked just around the corner disguised as a Smart car.’ (Now I know why they always looked a bit weird to me…)

‘How long are you planning to stay here on Sol 3? It might take a couple of days to finish.’
‘No problem. I’m coming back to pick it up on my way back. I’ve got some business to do in this sector of the universe. Time for me is relative, anyway.’ (Oh, that kind of ship.)
‘By the way, what’s your name? You didn’t mention it yet, I’m afraid.’
‘I’m very sorry. Where are my manners? I’m Arnold’ he said, turning from blue to purple.