Pleading guilty

of looting and damaging a work of art or two 😉

Kiel Week is over and the huge playground Spiellinie on the slopes of Krusenkoppel is closed. So this morning I armed myself with some bags and a pair of scissors to go treasure hunting. I waited about half an hour in the queue, and after paying donating a small sum I got a little piece of paper stating the things I was entitled to plunder. Sadly, the hand made paper had all been used up in making rayfish, but five of the blue jellyfish went into my first bag. Then I gave the giant sea snake a shave and snipped a couple of strips from the seaweed. – After washing and ironing I’ll make the strips into new works of art.

Below are some pictures from my visit yesterday (Sunday) – this year’s motto was Wasser, Wind und Wellenwesen (water, wind and wave beings). The activities for the children include painting, weaving, paper making and building sculptures from mud and straw, they can listen to storytellers and become mud people in the mud bath, hammer boards to wooden castles or pirate ships, among lots more.

Vitamins & Vodka

I don’t drink but I love these stalls with all the different bowls filled with colourful drinks and things anyway.

Kiel Week 2016 – Shot of the day #3

kiwo16_07A view along part of Kiellinie, the waterfront promenade, and the Kieler Förde (Firth of Kiel)

After taking a deep breath I boarded the cabin of a rotating viewing platform to view my hometown from above. I was too busy taking photographs to become afraid of the height.

During Kiel Week, Kiellinie is one of the main places for amusement of different kinds – music, street artists, games and of course, food and drink. You could almost forget it’s also a huge sailing event because most of the sailing takes place at Schilksee, a suburb nearer to the Baltic Sea than the inner city.

Next week, the tent stage and ferris wheel and everything else will be gone, and we will have the city for ourselves again. 😉

On the far side of the firth lie the communities of Laboe (with the cenotaph sticking out of the green), Heikendorf with Kitzeberg’s beach, and Mönkeberg with its marina. (left to right)

Kiel Week 2016 – Shot of the day #2

kiwo16_06Me, searching through yesterday’s humble photographic haul for the shot of the day

Although it has been dry it was cloudy most of the times. I want some sunny moments for better pictures. Please.

And my plea seems to have been heard – off now for some good shots. They’d better be. 😉