Never a dull moment

All well and business as usual at The Boudoir, despite of what’s going on outside. I never went out much anyway, so I’m entertaining myself in the usual way. Dave the Muse is supplying craft ideas and he’s determined to smash every single stray virus with his baseball bat straight on the doorstep. 🩠

Oi! Virus! Bugger off! This place is guarded!

It’s so much quieter outside, I really enjoy that. It almost sounds like it’s Sunday every day. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, there are fewer cars around and the noise of the city is hardly audible. Today I went grocery shopping and guess what? Tp is back! Regular packs only, but yay!

Some suggestions on how to kill time (if you have to) 😉

Inspiration – If you like any kind of textile art, pop over to for some eye candy. Also, they’re running a weekly community stitch challenge on FB for the next couple of weeks. If you’re not on FB (like me), you can watch the videos on their website one day later. Each week a new artist will be featured.

Entertainment – I’m working my way through a DVD box set of series 1 to 6 of The Brokenwood Mysteries. I only discovered it recently when series 1 ran on German tv; series 2 has just started airing. Love it!

A new construction site

It’s been a little quiet around here lately. I didn’t have much to show you because I’m currently working on my master plan for 2018 (apart from finishing DWXS6 – just a couple of days now).

At the beginning of the month I decided to gather inspiration for new craft projects I’m going to work on during the next year (read: the next one hundred years 😉 ). So I’ve spread the first part of my hoarded press clippings on the floor, roughly sorted, to finally create a place to have them all together in one place.

Juggling with my scissors and the glue bottle, the first random pages have found their way into a ring binder.

Now how do I sort everything to find again what I have in mind? By colour, texture, shapes, subject, material, artist? Or intended projects? That’s the tricky part I’ll have to master yet.

Nevertheless, Dave the Muse is sporting a wide grin while he makes notes upon notes on every new page finished.