Impossible Figure


Some of my readers may remember I ran a blog called Jule’s Art Blog which then changed into Jule’s Olde Arte Blogge. It was my first blog on WP and it’s now set to private because I wasn’t happy anymore with the way it turned out eventually. But I really miss it. So I decided to pick some of the entries and rewrite them as quite a couple of them were multilingual and could do with a little more information as well.

A couple of years ago I bought – in an act of bravery – a cross stitch kit from a young man he had bought for his mother in the first place. The pattern was an impossible figure of the kind the Swedish artist Oskar Reutersvärd had often been drawing. The young man’s mother didn’t like it – too modern. I don’t remember if he had an ad in the paper or if I found a note on the board in the library.

The kit was made by the Danish manufacturer Permin of Copenhagen, well known for stunning but also expensive kits. It still has the price tag on it and came with the slip from the shop which said it was bought in January 1995 for 81.30 German Marks, which is about 40 Euros. Not quite cheap at the time. I don’t remember the amount I paid, but it was only a little less.

The fabric is 52 per cent cotton and 48 per cent viscose. The motif is stitched with cotton embroidery floss.

This was one of my first attempts in cross stitch and it took me quite a while to finish.

There are two more designs in this series which are still on display at the Permin webpage (click kits and embroidery in another way and scroll down). So they’re still manufacturing these. Sorry, I couldn’t make it a direct link, always got a runtime error.