Blue Baubles

The first batch of my blue Christmas baubles is pinned to the design board, more to follow. A great way to use up all those small scraps of batting left over from other projects.

The following ‘making of’ shots are from a half finished project. – First I need a cardboard circle, a piece of scrap batting the same size as the circle plus two circles of fabric, cut with about 1 cm  seam allowance.

Next step: pin cardboard circle onto fabric, baste around the seam allowance and pull tight to gather, press from left side.

Remove basting and cardboard circle, insert batting

Pin both circles, left sides together, and sew together around edge (I whipstiched them)


‘Patchwork Blocks’ decorative table band

When I made my wips/ufos list recently I also came across an old and unfinished project. I was given the band many years ago and started to cross stitch some blocks from a crafts magazine in all of the colours of the rainbow.

There are eight blocks in each set, I had finished two repeats and the first five blocks of the third one which left me with only three more to go. As I was keen to start a new project I forced myself to finish this one first – and here it is.


There’s some band left because my table isn’t that long. I think I’ve got some pattern somewhere… 😉

So much for the October finishes, I’m off now to have fun with my November list.