Hexies – resumed

After I had completed all of the hexies needed (1,188) I made a layout, joined the hexies into strips (36 rows containing 33 hexies each), joined two of the rows and started the next two.

And then I didn’t like it anymore and put it away. That was about two years ago.

Recently, I took apart the strips again so I had short sequences of the idividual colours. I discussed a new layout with my sister – she’s not into crafting at all, so her fresh ideas are always welcome. This is what I ended up with –

I took away three and a half colours, it’s now five rows less and only 1,023 hexies (saves me at least one week of fiddly joining).

Still not what I had in mind, but better than the first try. Now I’m working on rejoining the rows in order to regain some free space for my sewing machine table.

Joining the hexies

Just started to join the first two rows for the Hexies blanket. It’s not the fun I expected and takes forever. I’m weaving in the ends as I go, at least this isn’t half as bad.

And from the back –

Grasslands, coral reef and a little bit of mother of pearl

Here are the last three sets of my crochet hexies. That’s all of the 1,188 pieces completed I need for my blanket. Next thing will be to decide on a layout – a lot of playing around ahead.

Lang Super Soxx Color, colour #901.0045, 100 grams, 55 pieces

Pro Lana Silver Socks color, colour #218, 100 grams, 55 pieces

Regia 4-fÀdig Color, colour #07200, 28 grams, 16 pieces

Peacock & Amethyst

hexies20Lang Super Soxx Color, colour # 901.0020, 100 grams, 55 pieces

hexies21H&W Comfort Sockenwolle Color, colour # 1115b.02, 100 grams, 55 pieces

I’ve added these to the Hexie project page, almost forgot about them.

Now it’s only two more colours to go, plus some fillers. I’ll go hunting for nice colours one of the next days.

Hexies to Comfort the Red Heart

hexies18H&W Comfort Sockenwolle Color, colour #616.05, 100 grams, 55 pieces

hexies19Coats Red Heart Sport Socks Color, colour #00001, 100 grams, 54 pieces

I’ve added two more sets to the Hexie project page. Now I have only 236 pieces or approximately five balls left to do. The next two Hexie colours will be peacock and amethyst like suggested by Kate. 🙂 Before starting I will take a short break, there’s another project I’m working on at the moment. Still a secret, only trying out an idea I had a while ago so don’t expect nothing spectacular.

From Event to Event

hexies16GrĂŒndl Hot Socks Event, colour #39, 100 grams, 55 pieces

hexies17GrĂŒndl Hot Socks Event, colour #35, 100 grams, 55 pieces

Two more sets on the way and then I’m going to pick the remaining colours from my stash. Still no idea of the actual layout, but I’m going for a stained glass look.

From the Bronx to the Country

hexies14Lana Grossa Meilenweit Bronx, colour #6704, 100 grams, 55 pieces

hexies15GrĂŒndl Hot Socks Country, colour #35, 100 grams, 55 pieces

I’ve added both to the Hexie project page. More colours already on the way.

I’ve now made an inventory of my ufos/wips. Depending on the way I count the number is now between 62 and 75. 😉 Each month some of them will go on a list. This method worked well for my daily stuff for the last few months so I’m optimistic about my craft projects. 👍

Since Wednesday, I’m no longer on the sick list. But as I’ve no longer got a job I had to apply for unemployment benefit. They gave me half a ton’s worth of forms to fill in and return. The monthly sum my health insurance paid me was just about enough to cover my expenses, UB is a quarter less. As soon as I’ve got the written notice I’ll have to apply for a little extra money from the housing office hoping this will cover at least my fixed expenses. Luckily, I’ve saved a small sum for hard times so I don’t have to queue for free food. And I’m used to an economical way of living so I’ll be okay.

No Plans For 2016

First of all apologies for being a little absent from blogging and commenting recently.

A few things beyond my control kept me busy. And my day job is killing me. Not that I have too much to do, au contraire.  I’ve only got work to do for a small part of the day, which is horrible as I’m unable to do anything else during the time I wait for the next thing to do. Absolutely draining mentally and physically. I’m working on a solution.

But, back to the topic, no plans for 2016 doesn’t mean I don’t have any (in fact they kept multiplying for at least one year) but I’m not blogging about them because I failed last year in most parts, so I’m just letting things go easy this year. 🙂 I have chosen five main projects and created virtual project baskets instead of my old project list. I’ll work mainly on these projects, if one is finished another one will follow. Hope this works.

I’m also busy working behind the scenes of my blogs. Also, some surprise projects are on their way or in planning stage. All in good time.

But despite the distress in real life I still managed to finish some projects with a couple of them not blogged about. Maybe I can manage to slip in the odd post some time or another.

Last but not least I want to thank my followers and readers for just being there. You keep me going. ♄