Minimal art – 1

minimal03mould on wallpaper, unknown artist, 2016

A horizontal line across the work accentuated by a short perpendicular line top left of center. This composition is balanced out by a dark multi-coloured cloud below the line to the right, carried out on a mottled backgroud of white and yellow.

Before I set up this blog I was planning to publish a series of minimal art on my old and now private blog, traces of art. I got inspired by a chapter in one of my ‘photography for beginners’ books and had already collected a couple of examples.

The above work of art comes from my kitchen. I’ll spare you the overall sight. I discovered it this morning after the cabinetmaker had removed one of the built- in cupboards. The roof had been leaking, the water was running down the kitchen wall onto the tiles, partly behind the cupboard. I noticed this in early April and immediately informed my landlord. Repair work started only when I reduced the rent after three months.

In a couple of days, the painter will replace the wallpaper and paint the corner. To me, this is like putting some band aid onto a fractured bone. By the way, did I mention there are two leaks in the living room, one from the roof (already repaired) and one on the floor by the loggia door? The newly discovered leak in the hallway? I’m now looking for a new flat as I’m not willing to take the health risk or having any more of my belongings damaged.