Circle of Friends – UL 20

Another finish today. This time it’s Circle of Friends.

The top is machine pieced. I’ve hand quilted simple circles with three different GĂŒtermann Sulky threads.

Finished size 72 x 72 cms


Fixed! Friday 39

Welcome to the next part of Fixed! Friday.

Last working day before I’m having two weeks off. I hope to get some serious business done – my list of projects is endless. With a little luck, I will at least finish one or two of them. And yes, patchwork is on the list, too. 😉


From Pattern On Pattern by Ruth B. McDowell. Original size of the smallest triangle was 7.5 cms/3″, but I reduced this to 2.5 cms/1″, because otherwise I would now be the owner of a really huge piece.

Hand quilted with gold, silver and copper metallic threads.

Started 1994, finished September 1995, 107 x 93 cms, 792 pieces

Next week on Fixed! Friday: Kristall

Fixed! Friday 37

Welcome to the next part of Fixed! Friday.

Another week without patchwork. I did some knitting at work because the boss had taken a couple of days off. Also some more rearranging of my blogs, hoping to start my photoblogging again on the weekend.

Cabin Lights

The pattern comes from Quiltmaker magazine #39. One of the few pieces I have ever quilted. I used silver and gold metallic threads for my hand quilting.

Made between July 1995 and July 1997, 81 x 81 cms, 792 pieces

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Fixed! Friday 33

Welcome to the next part of Fixed! Friday.

Still nothing new on the patchwork front, but I finished knitting a scarf (and started two new ones). Still have to weave in the ends on this one and a couple of others.

Bargello Quilt

I’ve started this way back in 1992/93. One of the few quilted items I made so far. It keeps me warm on cold days.

Next week on Fixed! Friday: Baby Blocks