Orange&Blue Finished

Finished on Thursday during my lunch break. One of the smaller projects, the finished size is 64.5 cms square. For the border strips and backing I used two different fabrics this time (remnants from the home decor department). As it has become a custom with my last finishes, I used the ‘hemming’ method to stitch front and back together.

Orange&Blue, back (detail)Orange&Blue, back (detail)

I’ll return to #4 in the UFO Lottery now, Propeller. I’ve finally decided how to finish it. More about that tomorrow.

UFO Lottery #9 – Orange&Blue

Summer has finally arrived – at least for a few days. Today’s forecast is 28° C. Some of you may smile mildly but these temperatures are not made for a northern girl like me. Especially not if you live in an attic apartment with no air condition but the open windows. A light eastern breeze is making this a little more comfortable. 🙂

Here’s another project from the UFO Lottery. It’s one of my chessboard projects, I think it was #4 in the series. The fabrics are not the best of quality, some cheap hand dyed cotton. But I liked the colours so I bought the fabrics anyway. I cut both pieces into squares and sewed them back together in a chessboard pattern, one from left to right, the other one from top to bottom, keeping the original order in which I cut them (my so-called ‘cut & sew’ technique).

For the border strips I chose a peach fabric and for the back some decorator’s fabric (read: curtain) from my stash. Should be finished sometime next week.

Fixed! Friday 31

Welcome to the next part of Fixed! Friday.

Last week I haven’t been sewing any patchwork because I have been busy with some other projects. But my knitting has been making some progress despite some severe frogging. 😉

Today, I have something different for you – patchwork clothing.


Heptiamonds – patchwork side

Heptiamonds – plain side

A poncho made of cotton satins hand-dyed in Heide Stoll-Weber’s studio. To be worn from all four sides, depending on the mood you’re in.

made between September 2001 and April 2003, 195 x 130, 984 pieces, 164’50 hours

Next week on Fixed! Friday: Aquarium

Fixed! Friday 15

Welcome to today’s Fixed! Friday.

Finally found my folder containing the scans of various projects again which I mysteriously saved under ‘photos/patchwork’ on my computer’s harddrive just a couple of days ago. Too obvious to search for it there in the first place. Or maybe I’m getting old. Or confused.

Music today is David Campbell’s The Swing Sessions 2. Yesterday I found a video on Youtube of him interviewing not one, not two, but three Doctors Who on Australian tv. Double fangirl heaven!

Without further ado, here’s

Sternenhaufen (Star Cluster)

A pattern from the special edition Sterne (Stars) published by the German Patchwork Guild in December 2001. And old Islamic pattern often used in stone inlay work (intarsia).

Original pattern

Made from cottons and cotton satin, partly hand-dyed, between June 2003 and October 2004. Measuring 55 x 55 cms and consisting of 425 pieces, it took me 54’45 hours to sew.


Next week on Fixed! Friday: 9 x13

Fixed! Friday 08

It’s Fixed! Friday again.

We’ve been having snow showers all day – tiny little crumbs of snow. Temperatures are slightly above freezing point but the chill of the damp air is creeping in through every buttonhole. I’m glad I’m home now, comfy on the sofa, with a tall mug of coffee and some marzipan eggs (Yum!), and Del Amitri’s Waking Hours in the player (and an idea for some little piece of nonsense for Spontaneous Vegetation, which will be posted already as you’re reading this).

Time to begin.

Polygon 2

The third one in the damast series, I used a combination of the pattern from Polygon and the colour scheme and leftover scraps from Last Wave.

Polygon 2 detail

This one has a special meaning to me. While I was sewing this it occurred to me that it could be telling the story of a certain guy, whose both sides of his personality are held together by the love for his woman (the red patches). At about the time I began to design this, he had to undergo an open heart surgery, of which I only learned some time later. So this red line could as well symbolize the scar left.

damast fabrics detail

Made between May 2005 and August 2008, size is 93 x 93 cms. 400 pieces were sewn together and the center piece is appliquéd to the backing fabric. On the rim I did some hemming* again with variegated perle cotton.

*hemming: fold the front and back fabrics to the inside, then ‘quilt’ together without using a binding

Next week on Fixed! Friday: Korallenriff (Coral reef)

Fixed! Friday 07

Welcome to Pt. 7 of Fixed! Friday.

Finally I’m back from a trip into town getting some flowers for my sister’s birthday tomorrow. Of course they didn’t have what I wanted (Improvise!), then the bus got stuck (someone had been playing Parking for Beginners), the water at home isn’t running properly (already had a shower with my clothes on because of air in the water), the computer needs a wee minutie to start (configuration after update), and my feet are aching. With a mug of coffee and a bar of peppermint filled chocolate I have taken my usual place on the sofa, listening to the Australian band Cold Chisel and their 1998 album The Last Wave of Summer, the title track of which provided the name for today’s project. The lyrics can be found here.

Ok, I’m already late, so let’s waste no time. Here’s

Last Wave Of Summer

I used hand-dyed cotton damast/damask fabrics which came in 62 colours – another bargain bought along with the fabrics used for last week’s piece. This set had enough fabric for two un-quilts. The two red ones and the white one were bought separately.

You may recognise the pattern – Arnold also used this for his ‘shirts’ patchwork.

on the pinboard

I think the colours match the song perfectly – the pale green and the yellows are like the colours of the dried grass and weeds at the end of the summer. ‘There’s a cold winter coming’ – white and blue.
Red because it’s a love song.

737 pieces were sewn together and appliquéd onto a dark blue cotton background in 120 hours. This piece measures 130 x 130 cms and was made between June 2002 and April 2003.

detail shot of fabrics

Next week on Fixed! Friday: Polygon II

Fixed! Friday 06

Let me welcome you to the next part of Fixed! Friday.

After another insane week at the office I’m finally home for the weekend. The weather has become more winter-y again. Calls for a pot of tea and some treats. Tomorrow’s forecast: snow. Great. I was planning a trip to the Textile Museum in NeumĂŒnster. Currently showing: ‘Color Improvisations’ and works by Nancy Crow. Last chance to see them in Europe before they travel back to the US. I’ll tell you more about it in a future post. – Oh, I almost forgot today’s music: Paul Carrack’s Groovin.

But now it’s time to begin.

Polygon 1

Using pentagons this time, I made this one from a set of hand-dyed cotton damast fabrics that came in a wooden box (a bargain – no-one wanted the fabrics, can you imagine that?). This is the first in a series of three damast projects.

Before I started I had to do a little work as I wanted to make the best use of the fabrics. Measuring, calculating, finding a pattern kept me busy for a while. Success – no scraps left.

Playing with the layout

a first layout

some colour finetuning

the holes for the contrasting fabric taken out, the pieces joined back to one side

the contrasting fabrics in situ

Made between June and December 2001, size is 93 x 93 cms. 400 pieces were sewn together and the un-quilt was finished in 56’05 hours. The center piece is appliquĂ©d to the backing fabric. On the rim I did some hemming* with variegated perle cotton.


*hemming: fold the front and back fabrics to the inside, then ‘quilt’ together without using a binding

Next week on Fixed! Friday: Last Wave Of Summer