Endless space (almost)

The Boudoir has never been so tidy

The Boudoir now has even more space for storing things. I decided to take two of Mum’s bookshelves after a careful measuring. After my brother and SIL had brought them over to my place they talked me into taking the remaining two as well. While they were fetching them I did a quick emptying of the pink metal rack (back to the basement it went) and some panic cleaning of the corner.

A perfect fit. After all was complete I put the shelves in and began to fill them. If you had asked me beforehand, I wouldn’t have been taking a bet that everything fitted in there. But surprisingly there was even some space left (some of the baskets in the picture above act as placeholders). I have already made some changes, as there has been a substantial addition to the stash. More about that in a future entry.

The stuffies found a new home on top. I moved all the fabric boxes to the left side, as well as my design wall. (On the downside, my DT posters had to go, they got safely stowed.)

Can you spot the new guy?

Activities in January

In January I didn’t have as much time for my craft projects as I had wished for but still managed to squeeze in a couple of things. I’m still busy, trying to untangle my life which will at least take me into March.

Alas only space for fifteen projects but I’ve been working on more which I listed below this tracker. So it’s not only one but two stars for finished projects, more later.

In late December I found a pretty 2018 planner, a bargain at the local TKMaxx. Only two days before that I had made a draft for a project tracker – exactly like the one in the book (they call it goal tracker). Now I don’t have to use various journals anymore but got everything in one place (well, almost). Besides a bucket list and a to-do list it has also got a not-to-do list (love the idea) and a lot of stickers to use. As each month has got a different header colour I’m using a corresponding colour pencil to mark off the things I’ve accomplished (yes, I know – but it looks cool).

The A4 size planner is from the Orange Circle Studio, the design is called Midnight desert.