Fixed! Friday 37

Welcome to the next part of Fixed! Friday.

Another week without patchwork. I did some knitting at work because the boss had taken a couple of days off. Also some more rearranging of my blogs, hoping to start my photoblogging again on the weekend.

Cabin Lights

The pattern comes from Quiltmaker magazine #39. One of the few pieces I have ever quilted. I used silver and gold metallic threads for my hand quilting.

Made between July 1995 and July 1997, 81 x 81 cms, 792 pieces

Next week on Fixed! Friday: Schräge Typen

Fixed! Friday 36

Welcome to the next part of Fixed! Friday.

I finished two more blocks for Blue Tiles last weekend. I haven’t posted them because they look the same as the others, more or less. The next two are already laid out but I got distracted by some other stuff – paper collage, cross stitch, crochet. Hopefully, next weekend sees some work an Arnold’s Shirts. He has already asked about the progress.

Rising Sun

I’ve bought the fabrics during a holiday in Albuquerque, 1994. The shop sold a medley of 30 Quilter’s Quarters for 60 $. The fabrics are reprints from the 1930s which were printed after a quilt called ‘The Rising Sun’, owned by the Smithsonian Institution, and were issued in October 1994. That’s where my piece’s name came from. I don’t know what the original quilt looks like. The task was to use up the fabrics to the max. – The red quarters are symbolizing the rising sun, the blue ones are for the night.

Started 1995, finished September 1997, 150 x 150 cms, 900 pieces

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Fixed! Friday 35

Welcome to the next part of Fixed! Friday.

No patchwork sewing during the last week, only some knitting and a lot of ofter things. I hope I’m lucky this weekend. If I find my favorite sewing needle again, that is. Yesterday I noticed it wasn’t in the place I thought I left it in.

Planetare Folklore II (Planetary Folklore #2)

I collaborate with the best designers only – in this case Victor Vasarély. 😉
The pattern comes from his ‘Planetary folklore’ period, Unity of form/colour (1962 – 1975), example VII 18 P. That’s what it said in the book.

This is the second and smaller version in some browns and pinks although in the picture it looks more like different greys.

Made between November 2006 and March 2010, 67 x 67 cms, 320 pieces

The first one was made in greens and greys/blacks and has faded in some areas because some of the fabrics weren’t colourfast. Dung.

Planetare Folklore 1 (1999)

Next week on Fixed! Friday: Rising Sun

Fixed! Friday 34

Welcome to the next part of Fixed! Friday.

To be honest, everything but patchwork on the menu again last week and still mayhem in the kitchen because I’m too tired in the evenings to continue sorting things. Two weeks ago on Friday and Saturday I had begun to clear the kitchen tables from all crafty things. I even managed to discard two big boxes of waste paper. But on Sunday I had to solve serious computer problems instead of finishing my work in the kitchen. Last weekend: Friday afternoon at the hairdresser’s, shopping trip into town on Saturday for flowers, birthday party on Sunday. At least, the cupboard where I want to store all those things is already empty. Maybe I’m lucky tomorrow.

Baby Blocks

Baby Blocks made from fabric samples, again with my beloved rainbow binding.

Made between June 1998 and March 1999, 61 x 54 cms, 494 pieces, 57 hours

Next week on Fixed! Friday: Planetare Folklore II

Fixed! Friday 33

Welcome to the next part of Fixed! Friday.

Still nothing new on the patchwork front, but I finished knitting a scarf (and started two new ones). Still have to weave in the ends on this one and a couple of others.

Bargello Quilt

I’ve started this way back in 1992/93. One of the few quilted items I made so far. It keeps me warm on cold days.

Next week on Fixed! Friday: Baby Blocks

Fixed! Friday 32

Welcome to the next part of Fixed! Friday.

I have to admit that I wasn’t in the mood for patchwork during the last two or three weeks. I felt more like doing some other things – knitting, cross stitch, canvaswork, editing photos and stuff for an experimental art blog, the like. But as the days grow shorter and weather conditions for taking pictures outside will become a little more challenging over the next weeks, there will be a good chance I will be back to sewing, finishing the last tops so I can finally start my UFO lottery.


This came out totally different from what I had planned. It was supposed to be a project about local flora and fauna with 3D borders. In the end, it became an aquarium. Well …

made between July 2001 and June 2003, 76 x 76 cms, 27 hours

Next week on Fixed! Friday: Bargello Quilt

Fixed! Friday 31

Welcome to the next part of Fixed! Friday.

Last week I haven’t been sewing any patchwork because I have been busy with some other projects. But my knitting has been making some progress despite some severe frogging. 😉

Today, I have something different for you – patchwork clothing.


Heptiamonds – patchwork side

Heptiamonds – plain side

A poncho made of cotton satins hand-dyed in Heide Stoll-Weber’s studio. To be worn from all four sides, depending on the mood you’re in.

made between September 2001 and April 2003, 195 x 130, 984 pieces, 164’50 hours

Next week on Fixed! Friday: Aquarium

Fixed! Friday 30

Welcome to the next part of Fixed! Friday.

In my box of leftover fabrics I found one with an incredible psychedelic bubble pattern. It came from some fabric with broad strips in various patterns. I cut the strips apart and put them in my stash.


After measuring the pattern repeat and some calculating I came up with a couple of squares. A little ‘pun’ title with this one.

I had five squares each of the same design. Four of them make a ‘caleidoscope’ block and most of the remaining are in the borders. Can you spot the matches?

The binding was done with my beloved rainbow bias tape. I used this a couple of times because I bought ample supplies. 🙂

Made between May and September 2004, 46 x 57 cms, 72 pieces, 18’05 hours

Next week on Fixed! Friday: Hept-iamonds

Fixed! Friday 29

Welcome to the next part of Fixed! Friday.

Sometimes you’re lucky and don’t know it (yet). Like me when I bought some knitting lace in a closing-down sale. Well, actually, I didn’t buy it. I had collected some other items and the saleswoman just put two hanks on top of the pile for free after I had mentioned that I liked it.

At that time I hadn’t even thought of today’s project.

Paßt! (A Perfect Match)

I had intended to cut up two pairs of fabrics, sew them back together in a checkerboard pattern and combine the resulting strips. After the first strip was sewn, however, this project proved to be too time-consuming. I was playing around a little when I found the knitting lace again. Serendipity! It provided the second half. I sewed down the intersections with little golden beads. Not only does the knitting lace have similar colours, the intervals of the colouring are similar, too. A perfect match!

Made between May 2003 and Februry 2005, 57 x 125 cms, 1,140 pieces, 107’35 hours

Next week on Fixed! Friday: Square

Fixed! Friday 28

Welcome to the next part of Fixed! Friday.

Harry Potter fans may have noticed: Lumos! And doesn’t it glow indeed? The fabrics come from the Luminosity range.


I got a little discount on the fabrics in turn for exhibiting the finished piece at their shop. Therefore, this piece needed a hanging sleeve. As it isn’t quilted, a sleeve on the back wouldn’t work. But an inside sleeve (tunnel) did the trick.

Made between July and September 2005, 78 x 82 cms, 576 pieces, 53’15 hours

Next week on Fixed! Friday: Paßt! (A Perfect Match)