DWXS2 Finished

A kit by Serenity Designs that came with chart, 18 ct white Aida, sufficient DMC threads and needle.

I replaced some of the DMC threads with Anchor threads. DMC 950 and DMC 951 were so similar you couldn’t tell them apart after stitching, so I unpicked them and used ANC 1010 and ANC 1008, respectively. Also, I replaced DMC 642 by ANC 903 because I thought it matched the other colours a little better (a personal choice).

This is the third portrait of Ten I completed and I can feel another finish coming up soon. Only one more pattern sheet to stitch. 🙂

I have a vague idea about the cross stitch portraits of the Tenth Doctor once I have finished all seven of them. Hint: I’ve got some Doctor Who fabric waiting in my stash.

DWXS2 Update

Not the new SAL project yet, but an update on my DWXS2 cross stitch project. I made some progress recently while my boss was away on holiday and I had a little spare time at the office. 🙂

This is what I had last time:

I have moved the links that lead you to the blogs of the SAL participants to the left sidebar. (Edit: removed) Even if not everyone is posting everytime and we are scattered in different time zones around the globe, their blogs are always worth visiting.

Who Nose?

Like Tom Baker said in the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary show. 😉

And that’s what I started with: the nose of the Doctor. The 10th of course. 😀 This is another kit I bought via the internet, I think it was on eBay. This one is from Serenity Designs.

I have changed some of the thread colours. The kit came with DMC 950 and DMC 951, which are so similar that you can’t tell them apart when they’re stitched. The picture below shows how it looked with DMC 950, which I have already replaced by Anchor 1008 in the picture above. For DMC 951 I’ve chosen Anchor 1010.

Another replacement I made for DMC 642 which is kind of a greenish grey that in my opinion didn’t fit into the colour scheme so I’m using Anchor 903 instead, which is more like a brown.

As my boss took some days off recently, there was some time to kill at the office. In which I was quite successful. Look –

About a quarter of the design is done. Now he’s having an appointment at the hairdresser’s. 😉