Wheel XVII – the last one

The last wheel and the two remaining border units are finished. More soon. 🙂

Wheel XVII

Border units for left and bottom

Erratum: The number of the pentagons C is six, not five. There’s one more at the bottom, I’ve fixed it now.

Wheel XVII – final version

Wheels – Border Units

No sewing on Saturday, but yesterday I chose and cut the fabrics for the border units. Most of the pieces will only be slightly visible after the binding has been attached. I wonder if some pieces will be needed at all because they are beyond the sewing line in the pattern. We’ll see.

Wheel IV: I’ve added a pentagon each at the left and bottom as well as two pentagons and a narrow diamond in the top right corner, all made from the striped teal fabric.

Wheel II: Four pentagons made from blue fabric with a bamboo leaf pattern are already at the bottom and right of the wheel, although you can also use fabrics similar to those in wheels VI and II (yellow and orange in my project). I used the same blue fabric for the border unit (five pentagons) and added two narrow diamonds made from the light blue of the stars.

Wheel IX: I thought this one could use a little colour and made three pentagons and a triangle from some purple and yellow fabric I pulled out of my Pile of Uglies. Never thought I would use this one, but it works in this place.

Bottom between wheels XV, XVI and XVIII: Two pentagons and two diamonds from the rusty red fabric I’ve already used for the stars in wheel XIV.

Wheel XIV: Two pentagons from the rosewood fabric and four pentagons and a diamond from the pink bamboo leaf pattern already used in this wheel.

Which leaves me with only one more wheel to make (XVII in the bottom left corner) plus two more border units. 🙂

Wheels V, XIX & XX

I’m heading towards the final lap of this project now. Yesterday I finished wheels V, XIX and XX so that leaves me with only wheel XVII and some border units to make. 🍸 🙂

I’ve still got some things on my list for this week, so I’ll continue on the weekend.

Wheel V

Wheel XIX

Wheel XX

Wheels – So Far, So Good

Just finished this morning. Almost had to stick my rear bumper into the wardrobe to get this shot. 😀

I have also chosen the fabrics for the gaps at the top, left and bottom and cut the pieces. Finding the right fabrics is becoming a little tricky now. I’m not quite sure about the bottom left corner, maybe something light like beige? After that, there will be only some border units left. I’ve already got an idea about some of them, hope I’ll find the right fabrics.

Wheel VI

The yellow one is complete. It went faster than I had thought it would, so there was still some time left to make one of the border units as well for which I recycled the second half of the former center pentagons from wheel XI.

Wheel VI

Border unit

And – tada! – the top is also sewn together.

Wheels I, II, III, IV, VI and VII

Wheel I

Wheel I

Just a short post today. I was working on wheels I (red) and VI (yellow) simultaneously. Wheel VI will still take a couple of days, but I hope I’ll be able to show you more next weekend.

Wheel II and more

You may have wondered about the missing weekend post. Well, I was busy. Among other things, I have been designing a logo for my Tulip Lover blog. It’s going to be a cross stitch panel which is already on the way. One of the butterflies was also on the list. And I’ve tried – unsuccessfully, alas – to give a new look to one of my German photoblogs.

The finishing of Wheel II got slightly delayed by all those activities so I took the pieces along for a little sewing during my lunch break. Because of a little accident – I sewed the first one on upside down – I didn’t quite finish it. But now it’s done.

Wheel I

Wheels II, III, IV and VII

I’ve also done some basting on the remaining wheels I and IV as templates lasted and have already joined the patches. The picture doesn’t do the colours justice here.

Wheels I and VI (work in progress)

Wheel VII And Some Cutting

I’ve now decided on the colours for wheels I, II, VI and VII – red, blue, yellow and green. The fabrics are chosen, cut and ready to be basted.

Wheel VII – the green one – is already finished. I need to stitch all the single triangles and other pieces in place and will then be able to join wheels VII, III and IV.

Wheel VII

Wheels VII, III and IV pinned in place

Patches for wheels I, II and VI waiting to be basted


Wheels III and IX 2.0

In my last post I wrote about recycling the removed parts from some of the wheels.

The orange star ring from the former wheel IX has now found a new home in wheel III. I’ve made a new center ‘disk’ from some orange and yellow fabrics. Wheel III is sitting next to the teal one which is in the upper right hand corner, just above the second big wheel VIII. As my design board was almost covered by the project already, I took the finished part away and am now working my may from top down.

Wheel III

Wheels III and IV

Wheel IX 2.0 is also finished. I kept the pentagon ring as well as the oblong diamonds and cut some new fabrics to replace the center star (now in wheel XVIII) and the star ring which went into wheel III.

I’m still trying to find a colour placement solution for the remaining five wheels. After that, I will add the border patches which are still missing.

Wheel IX – 2.0

Wheel IX to be sewn in place