Fixed! Friday 16

Welcome again to Fixed! Friday.

Just got a call from GĂŒnther. GĂŒnther from the fishing club. No, I don’t know him. Obviously he called a totally different mobile number than mine, and I don’t even have a mobile phone. And you know how guys sometimes are. Immediately afterwards he rang again. Women don’t do this, at least I’ve never experienced this before. Other than with men.

I need to finish another piece for my secret knitting project now and then make some crochet lichen from perle cotton to go with it. Tonight will be one of those now rare occasions – I’ll be watching TV. Yesterday, the DVD Penguins – Spy in the huddle arrived in the mail, narrated by David Tennant. No, I’m not suffering from Tennantitis – I enjoy every minute. 😉

Here’s today’s piece:

9 x 13

An original design. A former colleague used to give me thin cardboard sheets their office always got in the mail, separating the papers of different clients. I simply cut nine of them (the sheets, not the clients) into three long strips each and then into smaller pieces of different sizes. Each of the nine strips has got thirteen pieces, hence the title.

I used three different colours of Prismaglass fabrics, which went together pretty well with some batiks I had bought before. Miraculously, three embroidery yarns in matching colours were in my stash as well. All of those were bought independently over a period of time and only came together in this piece, the grey fabric coming also from my stash.


Made between November 2007 and June 2011, size is 70 x 104 cms. Number of pieces: 9 x 13 (117).

Next week on Fixed! Friday: Im Farbenrausch (Rush of colours)